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Humic acid granules

organic fertilizer: organic matter>30%,N+P2O5+K2O>8%, combined bacterium >20million/g.

natural humic acid production fertlizer granules

humic acid production a.nateral leonardite granular c.high organic matter d.soil conditioner

bio acid fertilizer

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YuenSun Bio Shikimic Acid Supplier

1.YuenSun Bio Shikimic Acid Supplier 2.Manufacturer Direct Price 3.BV,ISO,GMP,KOSHER,FDA certified 4.Free Sample

Bio agriculture fertilizer gibberellic acid

Bio agriculture fertilizer gibberellic acid 1.imporve fruit setting of clementines 2.loosen and elongate clusters

Fertilizer Organic Bio Humus Humic Acid(Enhance nutrient uptake, increase yields)

Humic acid for fertilizer 1.Improve seed germination 2.Replenish depleted soils 3.Enhance nutrient uptake 4.Increase yields

bio energy products ursolic acid supplier in China

100% Natural Ursolic Acid 25-98% CAS No:77-52-1 1.Botanical source: loquat leaf sample 3.GMP factory,ISO/HACCP

a.1. bios

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95% bio organic fulvic acid

95% bio organic fulvic acid Fulvic acid 95% Solubility above 99% Amino acid 10% pH 5.0-6.0

bio essence products Hyaluronic Acid for Anti-age

hyaluronic acid 1.ISO 9001,GMP,ECOCERT&COSMOS Standards 2.Pure Fermentation. 3.Non-Animal Sources,Non-GMO

High solubility 100% natural bio fulvic acid suppliers

1)Complete soluble Fulvic acid 2)FA dry basis 95% 3)Packaging bag and label customized 4)Heavy metal 50ppm max 5)MOQ: 1mt

China bio granules nitryl humic acid manufacturer

humic acid granules 1) Organic Matter 85% min 2) HA (dry basis) 70% min; FA (dry basis) 3% min 3) Size: 2-4

bio bowl

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Bio Fertilizer Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Gamma PGA 1.Gathering nutrients 2.Prolonged and controlled release 3.Improve the soil 4.Precipitate toxic heavy metal

automatic Distilled Fatty Acids to Bio diesel ester

automatic Distilled Fatty Acids to Bio diesel ester -18year experience -2year warranty -Bio diesel from palm FFA ester

Fertilizer use high purity Fulvic acid / bio Fulvic acid / Potassium Fulvic Acid

1. Fulvic Acid 2. Bio Fulvic Acid 3. Potassium Fulvic Aci 4. High solubility 5. Manufacture: Humate (Tianjin) Int'l Ltd

Water Soluble Bio Fertilizer Fulvic Acid

Water Soluble Bio Fertilizer Fulvic Acid 1.PH: 5.0-6.0 2.Water soluble: 95%min 3.Moisture:10%max 4.Residue on sieve:5.0%max