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Column Potassium humate,humic acid Organic fertilizer

Column Potassium humate Humic acid(dry basis):45%min K2O:8%~10% soluble:80%~95% moisture: 15%max

Huminrich 60HA+30FA+10K2O Shenyang Super Potassium Humate Price

SH 9011-63 Huminrich Shenyang Super Potassium Humate Price Brown black shiny powder FAS:30-35% HAS:60-65% K2O:10%

90%min shiny crystal / powder / granular potassium humate

1,Potassium Humate 90%min 2,Extracted from Leonardite/Lignite 3,Appearance: Shiny powder/crystal/granular/Flakes 4,Low price

Huminrich Shenyang 75HA+12K2O+100PCT Potassium Humate from Leonardite Evergrow Fertilizer

Potassium Humate from Leonardite Evergrow Fertilizer Size:40-60mesh Humic Acid: 75-80%min Potassium: 12-14%min 3TON MOQ

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bio essence products Hyaluronic Acid for Anti-age

hyaluronic acid 1.ISO 9001,GMP,ECOCERT&COSMOS Standards 2.Pure Fermentation. 3.Non-Animal Sources,Non-GMO

Bio Fulvic Acid 80% organic fertilizer

Appearance: Yellowish & brownish powder Water soluble fulvates (dry basis):99% min Fulvic acid (dry basis):80% min

Amino Acid L Arginine Powder CAS No 74-79-3

L Arginine CAS No 74-79-3 1) Appearance:White or almost white crystalline powder 2) Assay:98.5% to 101.0%

Humirich Shenyang Fulvic Acid Leonardite Source 100 Organic Fertilizer BIO Chemical

SY3001-9 Fulvic Acid Research Rich organic humic substances 70% fulvik acid content 5 ton MOQ 3 Weeks working days

Hot Products in Organic Fertilizer

Microbial Organic Fertilizer with Fish Emulsion, Seaweeds, Guano & Molasses

NaturesBio Organic Fertilizer is made of Beneficial Microorganism with Fish Emulsion, Seaweeds, Guano Phosphate and Molasses

85% 90% 95% Competitive price Potassium humate

Potassium Humate(as Dry Bases): 85% min, Appearance: Black Grannular, Easy Dissolved In Water, SGS,BV inspection passed.

Pure Bat Guano For Organic Fertilizer Direct from Our Cave

Bat Guano From Indonesia, Specification NPK 10-13-1

Water Soluble Organic Potassium/K Humate(70% HA) Granular/Powder from leonardite for Soil in Agriculture

1) isolared from leonardite 2) water solublity: 90% 3) rich in humic acid content 4) used as soil application 5) MOQ: 5tons

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