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We are selling SDIC TCCA FECL3.6H2O ALCL3 and other water treatment chemicals with the most competitive price, please contact us

Professional manufacturer TCCA 90% 2014 HOT sale

TCCA 90% 1. 15 years TCCA 90% factory 2. sgs / bv certificated 3. free samples 4. fast shipment


As a manufacturer,we can assure you our products are of high quality with reasonable price.

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factory price/ tcca/ fish pond Biocide

1) Brand :GOLDEN-CHLOR (TCCA) 2)High chlorine content 90%. 3)Reduces algae growth. 4)low chlorine loss. 5) prompt shipment.

Metal working fluid biocide CAS NO.:31075-24-8

Cutting fluid biocide CAS NO.:31075-24-8 Purity by weight: 60%min To control the microorganism in metalworking fluid system

Bactericide,Sludge Stripper organic biocides

NEW TECHNOLOGY OF TLR-01,LIGHTER COLOR AND BETTER STABILITY Active content: 14% min pH value:2-4 Specific Gravity:1.25 min

Chlorine dioxide(CLO2) for biociding

This product is ideal for fungicide circulating cooling water and heating water .etc.

Swimming Pool Algaecide and Biocide GreatAp128 CAS:25988-79-0 / 39660-17-8

1.Cationic polymeric biocide 2.Non foaming biocide 3.Widly used in Residential and Industrial water treatment.

MIT/CMIT CAS:55965-84-9(Kathon biocide)

strong inhibition and biocidal effects on ordinary bacteria, fungi and alga, good degradation, good compatibleness

biocide plastic

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Isothiazolinone biocide solution/paper making fungicide BC701/Isothiazolinone biocide

paper making biocide BC701 1price:1.0~4$/kg 2manufacturer 3advanced formula/top study team 4patented technical

Thps Water Treatment Biocides

1.tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate(THPS) 2.75% tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate(thps) 3.THPS 75%

chlorine dioxide powder disinfectant biocide 10% 8%

chlorine dioxide powder disinfectant biocide highly effective,safe,quick disinfectant improve water quality



Bromine tablet / BCDMH tablet 1g/20g,granule/powder - biocide,germicide,pool & spa chemical

Bromine tablet / BCDMH tablet 1g/20g,granule/powder - biocide,germicide,pool & spa chemical manufacture provide the best price

biocide OIT-98%(2-Octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one) 26530-20-1

Low toxicity, high efficiency, broad-spectrum biocides CERTIFICATION:SGS,ISO,CCIC QUALITY:STRINGENT QC SYSTEM

biocide 100

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Swimming Pool Algaecid Biocide

Polyquaternium 42 Algaecide 1.Polymer of Polyquaternium 2.Used in residential and enviroment Algae contol 3.Used as surfacta

THPS Biocide 75%

1.Tetrakis(Hydroxymethyl)Phosphonium Sulfate (THPS) 2.Cas no.: 55566-30-8 3.Content: 75% min 4.200L/ drum or 1000L/ drum.

2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilo-propionamide DBNPA Biocide

2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilo-propionamide DBNPA Biocide is used as anti-microbial agent, controlling bacterial, etc.

THPS - water treatment, biocides

1.THPS 75% 2.Biocide water treatment 3. Industrial water treatment 3. Professional manufacturer

Bromine 20g tablet (BCDMH)- biocide,germicide,pool & spa chemical

slow dissolving bromine based organic preparation, to ensure clean and hygienic water LONG LAST TREATMENT

BCDMH tablet biocide,germicide,pool & spa chemical

slow dissolving bromine based organic preparation, to ensure clean and hygienic water LONG LAST TREATMENT

cooling tower biocide

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isothiazolinone biocides

isothiazolinone biocides CAS:55965-84-9;96118-96-6 MF:C8H9ClN2O2S2 MW:264.7523 liquid

isothiazolinone biocides

CMIT/MIT CAS#26172-55-4/2682-20-4 Content:14% Stable quality,competitive price China Origin

Swimming pools biocide

swimming pools biocide 1>Cas.25988-97-0 2>Cationic polymeric algaecide 3>For industrial cooling water system

Benzalkonium Chloride, CAS No. 8001-54-5, as biocide

1.Benzalkonium chloride 8001-54-5 2.SPEC:50%&80% 3.CAS NO.:8001-54-5 4.Packaging:200kg/drum,16mt/20'FCL 5.Good quality

Biocides / Biodispersants

Biocides / Biodispersants

benzalkonium chloride 80%/ biocide

1. approved by SGS 2. High quality and competitive price 3. Professional manufacturer of water treatment chemicals