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Tack coat RS-2K bitumen

Tack Coat RS-2K cationic bitumen emulsion is made according to Malaysian Standard, MS 1.61 (1994) : Grade RS-2K.

bitumen emulsion material

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bitumen emulsion

apparatus meets all requirements of ASTM D1401 and related water separability (demulsability) methods

Bitumen pump/butimen emulsion/bitumen homogenzing emulsiom pump

emulsion pump SUS 304/SUS316 speed:0-3000rpm manufacturer excellent homogenizing effect

emulsifier for bitumen emulsion E471 China Large Manufacturer CAS:123-94-4,C21H42O4,HLB:3.6-4.0, 99%GMS

emulsifier for bitumen emulsion : Manufacturer Purity: 99.65% CAS: 123-94-4 HLB Value: 3.6-4.0 Formula: C21H42O4