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matt paint in cans

Thickness: 0.14mm to 1.5mm Zinc coating: 60g to 275g Width: 750mm to 1500mm matt paint in cans

sand texture paint

1. sand texture paint 2. stable/high quality

Goods shelf with gray colour powdercoating paint

1. Good heat resistance and light resistance 2. Non-polluted, environment friendly, high efficiency 3. It can be recycle used

bitumen paint pipe

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bitumen spray paint

bitumen spray paint 1.OD:19-3200MM 2.Tecnical:spiral 3.Standard:API5L DIN ASTM 4.:ISO9001:2008

VIT bitumen wall paint

VIT bitumen wall paint 1.excellent covering power 2.high fullness

Oxide red pigment oxidized bitumen pigment paint colors for wrought iron

Oxide red pigment oxidized bitumen pigment paint colors for wrought iron -good color consistence -strong tinting strength

anti corrosive bitumen paint

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bitumen paint

bitumen paint -Cheap alternative -Harmless to car -Easy to remove -Protection again dirt

Marine Paints

We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Indipaint Brand, Alkyd, Bitumen, Chlorinated Rubber based, Zinc rich, Polyurethane Paints


Resistant 2-component reaction hardening coating of low solvent content based on an epoxy-anthracene oil-combination with minera

bitumen paint coating

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EN124 ductile iron water grating bitumen paint

1)Kitemark license, BSI Certified 2)Corrosion resistent 3)Ready Mould 4)Reasonable price+quick 5)Hi-Q

colloid mill black bitumen paint

High quality sesame paste making machine 1)Capacity ( kg/h ):200-2000 2)Power(KW):1.1-75 3)Weight ( kg ):70-1600

non-curing black bitumen rubberiod paint for roofs bitumen paint coating 2.Never be solidified 3.high adhesion and high adhesion 4.excellent self-healing properties

ALFA Coat P4 Bitumen Paint - Specific Gravity

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Bitumen Aluminium Based Reflecting Paint

A single component UV-protecting bitumen-aluminium solution with excellent adherence properties to bituminous surfaces