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Caboli Interior House Coating Paint

Using environmentally-friendly NET-flavored recipe, full filter harmful impurities, making products environmentally friendly.

interior paint coating

Low costs. It is healthy and environmentally friendly. Excellent physical and chemical properties.

Interior coating paint

corrosion resistance flame retardant anti-pollution, anti-freeze anti-ultraviole

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sewer pipe

SPIRAL WELDED STEEL SEWERAGE TUBE1,O.D:219mm-3048mm2,W.T:2mm-30mm3,Certification: ISO,SGS,API4.Materials: A53,A315

oil pipe

API 5L PSL2 OIL LINE STEEL PIPE1.OD:219-1219mm WT:2-30mm2.Material:API 5L-X65 PSL23.Length: 12M DRL4.Certificate:ISO,API

bitumen paint pipe

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Waterproof interior bitumen paint coating

bitumen paint coating 1.The coat is excellent in decorative effect. 2.Water resisting property is excellent

bitumen paint

bitumen paint -Cheap alternative -Harmless to car -Easy to remove -Protection again dirt

Chinese Caboli Bitumen Paint Coating

1.Excellent Impact resistance; 2.Excellent Anti-static effect ; 3.Excellent Waterproof; 4.Strong adhesion

bitumen paint production machinery

High-quality Paint Manufacturing Equipment 1.Jacket heating/cooling 2.Stainless steel 3.Vacuum/ high pressure 4.ISO, CE

VIT bitumen wall paint

VIT bitumen wall paint 1.excellent covering power 2.high fullness

Bitumen Aluminum Reflective Paint

A single component UV-protecting bitumen-aluminium solution with excellent adherence properties to bituminous surfaces.

anti corrosive bitumen paint

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bitumen based roofing waterproofing primer, concrete waterproof paint

compatible with all bituminous products, excellent penetration an adhesioin, can be applie over damp surfaces,quick drying


Resistant 2-component reaction hardening coating of low solvent content based on an epoxy-anthracene oil-combination with minera

Star Home Whitening & Odorless Wall Paint

1.Anti-yellowing, long lasting 2.With pure and fresh smell, environmental friendly 3.Excellent adhesion, good hiding power

High-build Epoxy Antirust primer paint for poorly prepared surface

solvent based bitumen primer * protect rusty steel * Excellent physical mechanical *surface suitability

Marine Paints

We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Indipaint Brand, Alkyd, Bitumen, Chlorinated Rubber based, Zinc rich, Polyurethane Paints

Water-borne paint/Water-borne coating

1.wood Paint has good quality. 2.Good water resistance and weather durability. 3.Easy operation. 4.Good corrosion resistance.

bitumen paint coating

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Industrial Anaglyph paint Coating

Industrial Paint Coating Decorative paint for interior and exterior paint perfect decoration

Popular paint color bitumen iron oxide red paint colorants

iron oxide red 1. Pure,no fillers; 2. Good Dispersity; 3. Good Tinting Strength.

pipe paint bitumen primer

1.Use:pipe special primer 2.Compatibility:special paint for Pipecoat corrosion prevention tape to add adhesiveness of tape

Bitumen Based Waterproofing Materials (Isonem Const. Chem And Paint I)

ISONEM BE 89 is a non-fibrated, stable, bitumen / water emulsion of medium brushing consistency. It

Alutec (Bitumen Based UV protection)

Alutec (Bitumen Based UV protection)

Underground exterior wall water based polyurethane waterproof bitumen coating

Polyurethane waterproofing coating Double component waterproof coating Eco friendly Stable mechnical property