rubberized hot pour bitumen sealant

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Latest!!!Bitumen Pavement Crack Repair sealant

1.excellent adhesion. 2.flexibility under low temperature. 3.stability under high temperature.

Bitumen Joint Modified Silicone sealant

Bitumen Joint Modified Silicone sealant 1)Total Vision System (TVS) and architectural 2)good weathering resistance

All purpose bitumen joint sealant

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

liquid polyurethane foam bitumen joint sealant

bitumen joint sealant Outstanding durability With good sealing and waterproofing

hot bitumen sealant

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Jorle-310ml Cartridge Bitumen Joint Sealant

ZR706 nano sealant using imported raw materials and ingredients.

Roadphalt bitumen crack sealant

1.strong adhesion and high flexibility 2.Anti-aging,energy-saving, environmental protection 3.good high temperature stability

Akfix Bitum Sealant

602 Bitum Sealant is after curing a permanent flexible mass is formed.

LOCTITE 263 (instead 271)Threadlocker anaerobic sealant 50ml

1 Loctite 263 threadlocker 2 locking and sealing of threaded fastener 2 Red, high strength 4 from Loctite orginally

concrete joint sealants

1.Grout line whilst absorbing expansion stresses 2.Neoprene core 3.Aluminum, S/steel and brass Side Plate 4.Secure fixing

Poly Sulphide Sealant

Water Based Rust Remover High Quality Reasonable Price On Time Delivery

bitumen extraction

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Senior roads expansion joints sealant

Mainly use for Construction, transportation, precast concrete pieces for filling and sealing of the connection of building

Best seller! two component polysulfide sealant for concrete joint

1.two component polysulfide sealant for concrete joint 2. For sealing and Jointing insulating glass 3. Easy to use


801R is a hot applied bituminous sealant and is widely used for expansion joint sealing.

bentonite paste sealant and bitumen paste

Specifications 1. waterproof, easy to install 2. lasting and stable performance 3. easy sealing materials

China Construction Acrylic sealant

1)Acrylic Sealant manufacturer 2)shipment: 7 days 3)single-component 4) low temperature flexibility, good water resistance

Silicon Glass Glue, Silicone Sealant (TUV certificates, SGS & BV audited factory)

1.general purpose silicone sealant 2. TUV certificates. 3.SGS,BV audited factoy