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High quality of honeycomb ceramic

Honeycomb monoliths are utilized in catalyst carriers,also used for heat exchanger processes,electro-chemical applications.

Gilsonite with mesh 200

Gilsonite with mesh 200 for Road Construction .Oil field drilling

Go Green Colored Cold mix

Colored Cold mix is a durable, weather resistant material and is used mainly on roads, car parks, and path ways

Synergy Diamond Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Sale

1.Type:Lubricant 2.Product:Diamond PAO+ 5W40 3.API:SN/CF 4.Application:Automotive Lubricant 5.Place of Origin:Singapore

Diesel Engine Oil 5L

Specifications A supreme quality engine oil, suitable for mixed fleets use in naturally aspirated, turbo charged diesel engines

Cut back Bitumen MC30 SALES IN SINGAPOR

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Bitumen 60/70

Russian origin Bitumen 60/70 of high quality product,also comission given to buyer' mandate/ agent,CIF to ASWP.

Driveway crack sealing in bitumen

1 )easy operation 2 )strong adhesion3 )high flexibility4 )good high temperature stability

PET Heat Resistant Modified Bitumen Products for Waterproofing

Made of self-adhesive rubber bitumen as master material with highest water impermeability and cement as the cheapest adhesives.

Bitumen flash tape for sealing and waterproofing

Bitumen flash tape fpr sealing Width:1M or according to orderThickness:1.0mm-4mmLength:5cm-100cm


we are the Transgaz Russia, been bought and managed by private entities to Satisfy the demand of huge quantity supplies..

bitumen agitator

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Bitumen 85/100

Bitumen 85/100 in New Steel Drum, Poly Bags, Bulk. We offer all kinds of Bitumen,any demands or inquiry,please let us know.

Bitumen 60-70 ,80-100, 85-100 , 40-50 , 10-20 , MC Grade

Our company is supplier BITUMEN 60/70, For other information and specific requests please contact with us,

Quality Bitumen 6070 80100 85100 4/50

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Philippines, North Korea

Bitumen 60-70 ,80-100, 85-100 , 40-50 , 10-20 , MC Grade

Our company is supplier BITUMEN 60/70, For other information and specific requests please contact with us,

asphalt bitumen

We sale high quality Russian origin asphalt, for full specifications and discount price contact us by e-mail.

Bitumen 60/70, 85/100

No Collateral Required Very Competitive Charges Conclude Your Deal In 24 Hrs

tar bitumen

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Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70 is a standard penetration grade Bitumen usually used as a Paving Grade Bitumen suitable for road

BITUMEN 80/100

BUOYANCY IMPEX PVT LTD OFFERS BITUMEN 80 / 100 ,85/100 & 60 / 70

mixture colored bitumen 60/70

mixture colored bitumen 60/70 1. Used to the Parking , Bicycle path. 2.Bicycle path,Landscape and garden.

Bitumen 85/100

Product: Bitumen 85/100 Ready to supply


Bitumen 60-70 ,80-100, 85-100 , 40-50 , 10-20 , MC Grade

bitumen petroleum

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We can supply some kinds of Bitumen .

Bitumen 85/100

1. Grade: 85/100 2. Origin: Iran 3. Packing: New Steel Drums 4. Quantity: 5000 Mt Initially

Bitumen 80/100

Bitumen / Asphalt 80/100 in Bulk & New Steal Drums (Stocks available in United Arab Emirates)

bitumen 60/70 , bitumen 80/100 , bitumen 40/50

Bitumen Asphalt bitumen 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 40/50, 50/70 for Road construction penetration bitumen packing:New steel drum

Bitumen 80/100

We export Bitumen Bitumen 80/100 & 60/70 in new steel drums. Packing 180 kgs

Bitumen 60/70 80/100 85/100

We have bitumen of various Origin. Serious buyers / official buyers mandate ( direct ) need contact with company profile.