bitumin 60-70

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Black Primer - Solvent based bituminous primer

It is a liquid solvent-based bituminous paint with elevated anchorage, dustproof, waterproof and great for saturing the pores of

bituminous primer

Epoxy coaltar primer (black or brown)-Epoxy primer transparent and matt (with nano/micro Sillica)

Bituminous Primer

Solvent based bituminous primer for membranes

bitumin rubber

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Geerda Wallpaper Primer

Superior alkali resistance, damp proof. Highly effective mildew proof anti-bacteria. Healthy and Eco-friendly. Quick drying t

bitumen emulsion water based waterproofing primer

It is a ready-to-use water insulation material that is obtained by mixing water and bitumen using special methods.

bitumen primer 65%

Packed in : steel drums / IBC tanks Supply ability : 500 MT per month

SJ-P100 Primer

a priming layer before applying waterproofing membranes&flashing compounds,to eliminate porosities & cement surfaces capillaries

ShaliTex Primer

Bituminous Primer for Waterproofing and Damp Proofing

cold bitumin

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Polyurethane glass primer for sealant

1.The only manufacturer of construction sealant in China 2.Windshield sealant pu primer 3.MOQ 2000pc 4.Price6.5-45 5.ISO9001

Bituminous Primers

water pipes coating Oil and Gas pipe coating Quality products

bitumen primer 70%

Packed in : steel drums / IBC tanks Supply ability : 500 MT per month

Emilkote (Water Based Bituminous Primer)

Emilkote (Water Based Bituminous Primer)