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FR-308 Ozone Vegetable & Fruit Washer Ozone Generator

Ozone Vegetable Washer Water &Air Purification Machine Residential Ozone Generator 1.Multifunctional 2.Health life style

Air And Fruit-Vegetable Sterilizer (Oh-230)

1. Sterilize fruit and vegetable keep food fresh 2. Air purification 3. Water treatment

Fruit And Vegetable Ozone Washer

Function: 1. It can wash the vegetable thorough, use the whirlpool sprinkle current it can wash th

Fruit&Vegetable Washer Utilizes Ozone Technology,Automatic Control

Fruit&Vegetable Washer: 1.Completely chemical free. 2.Remove 99.9% pesticides, bacteria and virtuses from fruits and vegetable