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China natural garlic 2014

fresh natural garlic in China 1.size:4.5cm-6.5cm supplier 3.can be stored 4.certification:Haccp ISO2000

shangdong garlic for world market

1. product name: fresh garlic 2. origin: shangdong 3. color: white, purple 4. certified by Global Gap 5. brand: Jiawei

black garlic bulk

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machines black garlic losing weight black garlic(new product)

Black garlic, also called fermented garlic, is prized for its supposed antioxidant properties and cancer-preventing compound

organic fermented black garlic,natural aged balck garlic

organic fermented black garlic,natural aged balck garlic 1.Top quality black garlic 2.Characteristics: original ecological

japanese black garlic

1.type: Black Garlicc 2.Characteristics: original ecological 3.Our own production base,packhouses and cool store

to make skin young and clean fermented organic black garlic

Aged Fermented Black garlic 1.Material: organic fresh garlic 2.Specification:4.5-5.0/5.0-5.5/5.5-6.0/6.0-6.5cm 3.JAS/HACCP 4

black garlic powder

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Top Quality Black Garlic P.E.4:1~20:1

1.Black Garlic P.E. 2.ISO9001/Kosher/Halal/QS 3.Polyphenols 3% 4.Free samples 5.Ratio 4:1 ~ 20:1

100% natural and pure good quality good price aged Black Garlic,fermented black garlic

1.Black Garlic 2. fine quality and best price. 3.Kosher,ISO,HACCP,OU 4.garlic extract powder,garlic oil,aged garlic

Black Garlic Organic

Black Garlic Organic BEST FOOD FOR HEALTHY ISO9001:2000, ISO22000 ,HACCP AND QS EU, JAS, NOP organic certified by BCS

Korean black garlic

Korean black garlic 2.Anti-cancer and enhance immunity 3.GMP.ISO.HACCP certification 4.Free sample

Dietary Supplement Anti-aging Fermented Black Garlic

Aged and Fermented Black Garlic Whole Bulb Black Garlic Powder Extract 3% Polyphenol Black Garlic Juice and Drink, Brix 64

black garlic pure

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health aged black garlic

1. No strong garlic odor 2. China black garlic 3. Made of organic garlic 4. Reasonable price

Made in Japan Fermented Black garlic and turmeric supplement

Total liver support supplement. The fermented Black Garlic Turmelic rich in curcumin and shijimi claum rich in ornithine

Japanese black garlic and kintoki ginger with egoma oil capsule supplement

Soft capsule supplement made with kintoki ginger from Kyushu and black garlic from Aomori.

healthy black garlic in vacuum

organic black garlic 1.Health foods 2.Raw material from organic garlic 6.0-6.5cm 3.Popular in Japan, Korea, southeast asia

fresh,natural,nice,white,red,black garlic

Our products are made in China's garlic town calld jinxiang.They are all are pollution-free directly from the farmers of taking.

2012 black garlic/normal white garlic/pure white garlic with cheap price

1)Fermented black garlic is good for our health, lower clofibrate, lower blood sugar. 2)Rich in Nutriment & Vitamin B