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to buy fresh garlic in china with best price and high quality

1) Thick and tight skin 2) Plump-shaped bulbs 3) Wonderful spicy flavor

Best selling products and fresh vegetable garlic

1.Fresh chinese white garlic from JinXiang is good quality 2.Garlic companies with more than ten years' experience 3.Lowest

High Quality Fresh Garlic With Best Price

Fresh Garlic 1. Free sample,Free air freight 2. Fast delivery,Real factory,Competitive price 3. Certificates: ISO,GAP

black garlic bulk

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Soft and Sweet Black Garlic Made in China

Purely natural, healthy and green food, Curing the insomnia and the constipation, Preventing and curing the cancer

Korean black garlic

Korean black garlic 2.Anti-cancer and enhance immunity 3.GMP.ISO.HACCP certification 4.Free sample

Chinese black garlic

Black Garlic Organic BEST FOOD FOR HEALTHY ISO9001:2000, ISO22000 ,HACCP AND QS EU, JAS, NOP organic certified by BCS

to make skin young and clean fermented organic black garlic

Aged Fermented Black garlic 1.Material: organic fresh garlic 2.Specification:4.5-5.0/5.0-5.5/5.5-6.0/6.0-6.5cm 3.JAS/HACCP 4

black garlic powder

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Health food Aged Black Garlic

1, Odorless Aged Black Garlic Whole Bulb 2, Odorless Aged Black Garlic Extract Liquid Brix 16 , 32 , 65

Black Garlic

*Arrange nothing but the top grade garlic that grows in the sea breeze of Namhae district

wholesale Chinese high quality black garlic with compeititve price

organic fermented black garlic natural aged balck garlic

Chinese Black Garlic

1.type:Black Garlicc 2.Colour:Black 3.Characteristics:original ecological 4.Not appropriate crowd:Noion

Soonsoo BLack garlic

Daily Supplement for Energizing your body Pure Black Garlic Concentrate 100% Pure Garlic Extract

black garlic pure

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Hot Sale Black Garlic P.E. Polyphenols 3%--Nutramax Supplier

1.Black Garlic P.E. 2.ISO9001/Kosher/Halal/QS 3.Polyphenols 3% 4.Free samples 5.Ratio 4:1 ~ 20:1

Odorless Aged Black Garlic

1, Aged Black Garlic Whole Bulb 2, Aged Black Garlic Liquid Brix 16 , 32, 65 3, Aged Black Garlic Powder

black garlic single bulb garlic and health foods 2.sweet and sour taste,no garlic odor 3.specially for hypertension,high cholesterol,hyperglycemic

fresh,natural,nice,white,red,black garlic

Our products are made in China's garlic town calld jinxiang.They are all are pollution-free directly from the farmers of taking.