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Blood bank equipments

Pre-selection of volume. Micro Controller Based programme O.E.M option avbailble

high-efficiency ent examination Equipment intelligently

ent examination Equipment stainless steel mesa and body imported pump new structure of gun

Economic safety orthopedic traction equipment

orthopedic traction equipment 1 CE,ISO 2 imported hydraulic pumps 3 universal type 4 full standard accessories

blood bank equipment refrigerator

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Blood Bank Refrigerators & Blood Banking Equipments

Blood Bank Refrigerators Platelet Incubators & Agitators Thawing ( Cryo ) Baths Donor Couches Blood Bank Centrifuges

TGL-19 blood bank china centrifuge equipment

centrifuge equipment,faults are diagnosed automatically imported compressors,stainless steel chamber,LCD,high speed,table,CE

TD6M low speed centrifuge blood bank equipment

centrifuge equipment 1.1 year warranty 2.wholesale price, fast delivery 3. LED&LCD display, operate date can be auto-saved

AUCMA blood bank freezer, blood bank equipment with power 220V 50Hz/60Hz

1. 4 degree Blood Insulted Refrigerator 2. long working life and reasonable cost. 3. fast delivery

Blood Bank Refrigerator Medical Equipment

Blood Bank Refrigerator Medical Equipment

4 Celsius blood bank refrigerator,blood bank freezer, blood bank equipment with power 220V 50Hz/60Hz

blood bank refrigerator 1. 24-hours tracing recording and printing 2. Imported compressor 3. Precise temperature control

medical blood bank equipment

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AYR-BK120 Blood bank equipment

AYR-BK120 Blood bank equipment: refrigeator 2.mdical refrigerator 3.blood bank refrigerator

BT-4V1000 4C Medical blood bank equipment With Alarm System To Store Blood

blood bank equipment 4C/1000liters Controller/recorder Alarm system With basket Danfoss compressor and EBM fan

Professional Blood Bank Refrigerator Medical Cryogenic equipment

1.Can load around 130bags(450g) blood. 2.High precision,stable and safe 3.intelligent forced air circulation sys 4.alarm sys

blood bank fully automated elisa immunoassay equipment DNM-9602

1,medical laboratory equipment 2, Error data diaplaying. 3, elisa plate reader. 4.EIA

LT600L blood bank refrigeration equipment

1.LT600L blood bank refrigeration equipment 2.220V/50HZ 3.Precise temperature control system 4.Safe control system 5.ISO

7000RPM Refrigerated Centrifuge/ Blood Bank Equipment

7000RPM Refrigerated Centrifuge/ Blood Bank Equipment Microprocessor auto-balance swing-out, angle rotor 450ml blood bags

blood bank equipments manufacturers

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TD4 Blood Bank Centrifuge medical equipment

The speed and the centrifugal force step adjustment is 10 RPM/10xg.

TD5 low speed centrifuge blood bank equipment

1.Have developed with CE ISO Certificate 2.With brushless motor to meet sample analysis in medical, hospital, pathology

HereXi brand Blood used special H/T12MM Blood bank equipment/blood bank centrifuge

Brushless motor with variable frequency variable high speed refrigerated centrifuge easy to control system centrifuge

High speed proccesing electrolyte analyzer for blood bank equipment

2 models *EX-D:With auto sampler *EX-Ds:Without auto sampler

Blood bank centrifuge TXD4 with CE & ISO

Blood bank centrifuge TXD4 1.Small size,easy operation 2.Low noise,high quality 3.With emergency lid lock 4.Attractive look