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co2 Laser tobacco marking equipment

US Synrad CO2 laser tube Solution for production line integrate fast marking scanner Friendly marking software interface

blue air ce weee

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IHAP318 Professional lymphatic drainage massage pressotherapy weight loss device

1.24 groups of air chambers and 4 groups of air outlet 2.The pressure on one side of the air chamber is 200000 Pa 3.Lymph de

new colorful dental air polisher MPP-IV dental lab electro polisher device

1. Colorful dental lab electro polisher device 2. Six colors 3. A steady and efficient stream of powder

pressure therapy beauty equipment / Far infrared pressotherapy slimming device

lymph drainage body massage machine 1.24 air bags 2.waterproof material 3.pressure 20-360mmHg 4.eye massage function

Professional Air Pressure Slimming Beauty Machine Detox Device (ED-9924)

The slimming stimulate acupuncture points,opening the meridians, the blockage of the body smooth, rigid organization.