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Fiberglass Mesh Cloth

1.Fiberglass Mesh Cloth 2.Application: Wall Materials 3.Weight: 80-160g/m2 4.Mesh Size: 4mmx4mm,5mmx5mm

abs boat hull

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High tensile alkali-resistance fiberglass mesh cloth for construction

Fiberglass mesh cloth Material:Non-alkali fiberglass yarn width:0.6-2m Hole:3*3mm,4*4mm,5*5mm,8*8mm, Weight:80-165g/sqm

alkali-resistant fiberglass canopy for construction

fiberglass canopy(1) High strength mesh, (2) Fire proof mesh. (3) Strong and flexible mesh (4) ISO 9001:2000

Fiberglass Wire Cloth for Construction(factory)

Construction Glass Fiber Mesh(factory) 1>Material:C/E Glass 2>Mesh:4*4mm,5*5mm,8*8mm,etc 3>Weight:45-200g/m2 4>ISO9001-2000

Bluenose II 1963 hull model

This half hull model is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction and attached on the black lacquered panel

Diesel oil service boat in stock

1. Multifunction Service boat 2. Supply Construction Works 3. Emergency Rescue 4. Semi-finished in stock 5. Assembly Hull

painting boat hull

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Passenger Boat THJ1380A

1 durable fiberglass construction 2 customization 3 lighter to tow 4 twin hull design offer unmatched stability 5 fast speed

600D Heavy Duty Weather Resistant, Anti Wick Threaded Polyester Boat Cover

600D Polyester Boat Covers Anti wick thread throughout construction. Tie-down straps with double reinforced sewing

10.4m motor boat

1,durable aluminum construction 2,motor boat 3.speed boat 4.boat hull for sale

boat hull catamaran

catamaran:It is available in Hybrid, carbon, and Full Carbon construction options.

5083 aluminum plate for boat hulls

manufacture of 5083 aluminum plate for boat hulls various series,good qulity mill,bright,brush, line checkered low price,moq

grp boat hull

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fiberglass mat boat construction material

fiberglass mat boat construction material 1 good combination of resin 2 80-900g CSM 3 width:200-2600mm 4 low cost

Construction Application Fiberglas Mesh For sale(145g/m2 160g/m2)

fiberglass mesh 1.high quality 2.high strength 3.Fire resistance

HM Carbon Fiebr Cloth Fabric For Boat Hulls

Carbon Fiebr Cloth Fabric For Boat Hulls 1.Woven by T700 12k carbon fiber yarn 2.Unidirectional

Neutral Silicone Adhesive Sealant for rc boat catamaran hulls

1.One part,neutral silicon metal sealant 2.Permanently flexible, low odor application 3.Good bonding to metal,coated glass,