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Chongqing Filton h12 v type high air flow best price for air filter

best price for air filter, large dust capacity, low resistance, broad application, long operating life.

Large air flow nonwoven mini-pleat filter

Mini-pleat HEPA panel filter Material:Glassfiber Efficiency:99.99% Used to:The terminal filtration of high cleanliness

High Air Flow Air Filter for Pharmacy Company

1, high efficiency 2, high winds volume 3, easy installation 4, low poeration cost

box filter aluminum alloys

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Deep pleated HEPA air box filter

Patented Technology: ISO 9001 certificated;AA honor;National innovation Project Qualified

Supply hepa box air filter

hepa box air filter 1 99.97% at 0.3um particles 2 Quality assurance 3 Timely delivery 4 ISO9001:2008

Deep pleat HEPA Box air filter, aluminum/paper separator,H13-H14

hepa box air filter 1.paper and aluminum separator for choice 2.Solid structure to protect the media 3.different thickness

Air box filter/ Panel Hepa filter/ Deep pleat HEPA filter H14

Hepa filter 1.Certification:ISO9001 2.Quality:high 3.MOQ:5pcs 4.Factory direct price

Deep Pleat Hepa Air Box Filter

1.high efficiency 2.low resistance 3.good performance 4.we are production factory

H13, Deep Pleated Box Filter for HVAC System

1.Leak Test one by one before delivery 2.Low initial pressure drop 3.High dust holding capacity 4.CCTV covered manufacturer

deep pleat air filter

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Deep pleated HEPA filters F7 Replacement Box Filters

F7 Replacement Box Filters: 1.10 years' experience 2.Made-to-order design 3.ISO,SGS.RoHS

Deep pleated HEPA air box filter

(1)management certification:ISO9001:2008. (2) high humidity resistance. (3)size according to your need.

Shanghai deep pleated hepa air box filter

1.Shanghai deep pleated hepa air box filter 2.Synthetic Fiber. 3.Custom size. 4.Environmental Friendly.

Deep Box Hvac Air Flow Pleat Filter With Separator

Filter Material: fiberglass Frame:Aluminum alloy/GI/Stainless Steel Separator: Aluminium Sheet/carboard

Deep Pleat HEPA Box Filter in efficiencies of 99.99% to 99.999%

HEPA Box Filter *High Airflow capacity *Individual Leakage Scan Test *Rigid construction *Silicon free construction

Deep-pleated Hepa air box filter with good performance

High filtration efficiency professional manufacturer sperior filtration material international code strict quality contral

deep pleat filter

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High performance Active Carbon Deep pleat box filter

High performance Active Carbon Deep pleatf box ilter 1.two-layer structure non-woven fabrics 2.smell remover 3.for ventilate

Deep Pleat Hepa Box Dust Filter

Hepa Box Dust Filter A) High efficiency ( capturing at 0.3microns particles ) B) Low resistance C) Thin Thicknes

Chongqing Filton deep pleated hepa box air filter for air conditioner

box air filter, Hepa Filter Box, Aluminum Separator Hepa Filter, High efficiency, low operating cost

H14 Aluminum frame deep pleat air filter for third stage

H14 Aluminum frame deep pleat air filter for third stage 1) Low drop 2) Efficiency: 99.99% 3) Frame:aluminum/GI

cleanroom hepa filter by types of mini-pleats and deep pleats

cleanroom hepa filter by types of mini-pleats and deep pleats high efficiency box style filter with wet-laid paper style media

graceful Cardboard box hepa filters

1.Small resistance,Light weight 2.Compact structure, 3.Installation and replace is easily 4..Filtration upon 10um dust