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plasterboard Polymer cement waterproofing coating(JS)

high adaptability to wet and dry base layer, not flowing on elevation pigment can be added as you wish

Flexible liquid and powder compound modified polymer cement waterproofing paint showers

Waterproofing paint showers 30 years factory 5 big production lines ISO9001,ISO14001,AAA No pollution,no toxic,tasteless

international paint building coating

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Building Texture Coating

Environmentally friendly Excellent textured effect Good flexibility and anticollision Weatherability

Fireproof insulation glass wool building coating made in china

1.Thermal insulation 2.In stock and fast delivery 3.ASTM CE,ASNZ, glass wool building coating made in china

Overstrength Elastic Waterproof polyurethane building coating component waterproofing coating,easy handle and apply 2.excellent weatherability 3.high-srength,high elongation