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Wholesale acrylic latex spray paint, magic spray paint

Spray paint 1.Dry time: < 8 minute 2.Spray rate: > 98% 3.Adhesion:< Grade 4.OEM/ODM

China Modern Asia Acrylic Spray Paint Manufacturer

China Modern Asia Acrylic Spray Paint Manufacturer 1.good coverage 2 20 years for making paint 3.good surface 4.good gloss

appliance spray paint,acrylic spray paint

PLYFIT 100% acrylic aerosol Spray paint 5 mins fast dry,long lasting strong adhesiveness interior-exterior REACH,TUV

international paint building coating

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Building Roof Heat Insulation Coating

1.Heat insulation,anti UV 2.Easy application 3.Good adension,high hardness 4,Non-toxic,safe 5.Low cost

Non stick building coating made from polyurethane for sale

*Non-stick Polyurethane Coating *Made in Japan *USY2000A/B

Building Roof Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

good quality,excellent feature of elasticity,tensile strength and tear strength

building coating

High strength and high flexibility, impact resistance, prevent cracking.Not easily to fade, stability,

fireproof building coating

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Texture Render - High, Medium & Low Build Textured Coating and Paint

1. Excellent Weather Resistance 2. Tinted To Order 3. Crack Bridging 4. Highly Abrasion Resistant 5. Algae & Mould Resistant

China building coating exterior wall coating

1.Good weatherability 2.Excellent gloss & color retention 3.Super adhesion,water-proof resistance 4.Excellent fungus & algae

Exterior UV texture rough decorative wall building natural stone protective coatings

Natural stonework effect, with rich and elegant texture; Excellent weather and chemical resistance, environment-friendly.

Green building coatings

We provide highly effective Heat Reflective Paint that is widely used in the buildings as a protective layer from heat.

building heat insulation glass coating

nano energy saving glass coating 1.Non-toxic glass coating 2.High VLT:above 80% 3.IR&UV Reject:above 85%&95% 4.SGS certified

building coating paint

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building coating

no smell, non-toxic,environmentaly friendly. MSDS Report,tough and high flexibility high elasticity, good water resistance

polyurea concrete waterproof building coating

1.waterproof building coating 2.waterproof, insulation 3.stable chemical resistance 4.hand brushable 5.PDA member, ISO9001

ink pigment asphalt color coating in Building coating iron oxide red 1309-37-1 Building Coating Usage

Iron oxide pigment powder 1. Pure,no fillers; 2. Good Dispersity; 3. Good Tinting Strength.