buyers of ginger and garlic

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buyer of ginger

1. GlobalGAP and ISO good quality 2. 100g to 300g 4. export to 36 countries 5. Cumtomer made packing 6. Washed or air dry

Pickled Ginger ( buyer of ginger)

Pickled Ginger 1) We have various types of ginger 2) choice non-colored , thin-red , red

buyer of ginger

1.Product:Fresh Ginger 2.Quality standard:Clean, bright yellow color with delicate fragrance, no insect pest, no perish

buyer of dry ginger

1. dry ginger 2. Origin: Shandong 3. Brand: Longyuan 4. 10 years gold supplier 5. Market: Asia

Buyer of dry ginger

Ginger Dry New Crop 1.Good Quality 2.White Colour 3.Dried 4.Packing as per buyer's choice

buyers of ginger in china

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buyer of dry ginger

buyer of dry ginger 1.have our own factory fresh ginger all year 3.Best quality and competitive 4.professional

Cheap Prices Professional Manufacturer buyer of dry ginger

buyer of dry ginger 1.80g, 100g, 150g,200g,250g,300g 2.clean package,food safety

Dry whole ginger buyer of dry ginger

buyer of dry ginger chinese Dehydrated Ginger Specifications: 1) 100% pure 2) 80-100,100-120 Mesh.

Buyer of dry ginger

Dry Ginger Color: white with light yellow Specification: 2012 new crop, well dried, no moldy. Origin: China

dry ginger buyer of dry ginger

1.dry ginger best quality 2.Competitive price 3.Form Yangon Myanmar 4.Suitable for packing

Price of Dried Ginger Buyer

Price of Dried Ginger Buyer 1. Moisture:12.0% max. 2. Appearance: yellow, dried, ginger whole

buyers of ginger in nigeria

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buyer of ginger, 30LB box

buyer of ginger, 30LB box 1)High quality,HACCP,ISO,GAP 2)Beige and pale yellow 3)100-300g 4)Manufacturer provider

2013 buyer of ginger( Eu quality) - 50g-250g

2013 buyer of ginger ( Eu quality) Size :50g-350g Packing : Pvc Carton or Mesh Bag High quality & Competitive price

buyer of dry ginger

1)Best quality and competitive price 2)Made by tender ginger

High Quality Ginger For Buyer Of Ginger

Fresh Ginger: 1)We Have Our Own Factory 2)We Know The Quality Standard Of Each Country 3)The Best Quality & Reasonable Price

Buyer of Ginger (new season)

Buyer of Ginger (new season) Sizes 50g-350g, Packing in Carton/mesh Bag, Eu quality, Low Price. Supply all the year round