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Best Selling Cotton Car Duster To Russia Ukraine

Cotton Car Duster 1>Sold best to Russia & Ukraine 2>23 years' history factory 3>28 car microfiber cleaning duster available

28702 Car Clean Duster

28702 Car Clean Duster 1- Cotton yarn raw material; 2- Woden handle holder;

static car duster

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Car duster

1 Fully clean the car.2 Soft bristles, protect your car not be hurt when you wash it.3 Electrostatic dust, inhibit bacteria.

Feather Brush Wholesale Car Feather Duster

Cleaning Duster Wholesale Feather Duster 1.100% Handmade 2.Applications:Home Cleaning Indoor Decoration

28701 Car Duster

28701 Car Duster 1- Cotton yarn raw material; 2- PP handle holder;

cloth car dusters

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Two function car interior duster and wheel brush

1. quality PP material 2.ideal for wheel wash


MICROFIBER DUSTER 1.Good performance for cleaning anywhere 2..Suitable for cleaning public areas,home,car 3.long using life.

chenille dusters,microfiber car duster

chenille dusters,microfiber car duster 1.material: 80% polyester 20% polyamide 2.Excellect cleaning ability

Car Clean Sheepskin Wool Duster RSJ276

Sheepskin wool Duster (1)Total Length:100CM (2)Wool length:6CM (3)Handle Material: Solid wood (4) Weight:Less 100g

car duster, car cleaning brush, auto brush

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Car Duster

Car Duster Length: 24cm Material: PP, miocrofiber Selling point: each one with plastic storage box

Microfiber chenille duster,car duster,microfiber duster car duster

car duster 1) 100% microfiber chenille 2) OEM is available 3) Soft, comfortable and good hand feel.