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Clear Coat for auto paints

DX Clear Coat series: It features high gloss paint film, top saturation, high sharpness and excellent leveling property.

Auto Clear Coat

Auto Clear Coat 1. BASF raw materials 2. Medium/high solid 3. Long-last gloss,excellent build 4. Weather&yellow resistance

300S Clear coat HS

High-build, two-component clearcoat designed for universal application and optimal appearance for both Autowave and autobase

Auto Paint Clear Coat

Yajie car paint: 1,Made of duiability-improved paints. 2,Good hiding power. 3,Excellent metallic effect.

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Outdoor Paint Acrylic Polyurethane Exterior Wall Paint

1.Excellent element resistance property 2.Superior quality building exterior coating 3.Excellent stain resistance,no yellowing

China car top coats

China car top coats 1, high solid, high gloss 2, good adhesion, hiding power 3, good yellowing resistance

Electrostatic Spray Pure Polyester Powder Coating

1.Pure Polyester Powder Coating; 2.Good adhesion; 2.High hardness; 3.Good weather resistance with competive price.

2014 Newest Xianxiu Fresh Smell And Smooth Feeling Wood Paint

Wood Paint: 1 High tolerance property 2 Everlasting anti-sewage performance 3 ISO9001,3C certificates

Newly Displayed car paint clear coats

Polyester putty,Auto paint,car paint (primer,base color,clear coat,hardender,thinner)auto paint

1,Two Pack, fast drying polyester putty 2,Very high filling ability 3,Good adhesion and flexibility 4, Easy to sand

Nano Dustproof super weatherability clear varnish

silicone-acrylic finishing varnish High gloss, high hardness high transparency give paint, lacquer bright coat

1 Step Nano Polish Compound for car polishing

1 Step Nano Polish Compound for car polishing no wax, silicone and fillers, safe,eco-friendly,best price have good stock

car care polish compound without transfer

1 Step car care polish compound without transfer no wax, silicone and fillers, safe,eco-friendly,best price have good stock

Hot Products in Paint & Coating

Interior wall coating Lithopone

Interior wall coating Lithopone 1.high whiteness 2.excellent hiding power 2.good tinting strength 4.18 years factory

F1 Spray Paint

1. U.S.A. formula 2. Easy to use. 3. Dry fastly. 4. High coverage, lasting.

high quality lithopone 28%-30% /B301B311 for coating&paint

lithopone 28%-30%/B301B311 good whiteness used in coating paint paper plastic ink raw material SGS/CIQ

High heat durable spray paint/ aerosol spray paint/ graffiti spray paint

High heat durable spray paint The spray paint is often used on chemistry, car spray paint motors exhaust pipe humidityresist

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