white car sealant

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car tyre sealant

1.Mainly for long haul application. 2.Provide excellent grip excellent. 3.World market sale net. 4.DOT ECE GCC LATU INMENT.

car tire sealant

string sealant 1.High quality tire plug strings 2.easy to use 3.useful & cheap&long lifetime 4.Made in CHINA tire sealant

Professional Wiper Blade Supplier, TOP GRADE Muti Adaptor oem car glass sealant

oem car glass sealant 1,Universal adapter 2,1,200,000 pcs sold annual

black car sealant

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sealing car sealant non silicone sealant waterproof silicone sealant

1.Good toughness, easy to use, 2.long service life,high strength, 3.fast curing, with excellent weatherability

building industry car window sealant for door window

building industry car window sealant for door window 1. Used in door; 2. Material: EPDM; 3. Anti-aging, anti-ozone

Car PU sealant

1. Single part polyurethane sealant 2. High modulus & tensile strength 3. Weatherpoof & waterproof