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Professinal supplier Deruixin,Rubber carbon black N660

Manufacturers Suggest you suitable products with best price 20kg or 10 kg per bag 15 days for production Your best partner

rubber chemical carbon black n660 granular

carbon black granular n660 1.N330,N220,N550,N660 2.factory directly,fair price 3.raw materials for tyres,rubber

all blacks companies of

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chemical china manufacturing supplier companies looking for distributor distributors agents required raw material for additive

2-phenoxyethanol ethylene glycol phenyl ether CAS No.:122-99-6 Molecular weight:138.17 Chemical formular:C6H5OCH2CH2O

Professional Activated Carbon Company

Activated carbon 1.Large surface area 2.Strong adsorption capacity 3.Fast filtration

ISO 9001:2008 Certified company - activated carbon

1). It is used to adsorb unwanted colours, flavours, odours 2). AN ISO Certified Company 3). Low Margin 4). High quality

no contain PBB, PBDEPBT chemical flame retardant masterbatch/DOPO company

1.Fully Meet UL94V-0 Level 2.Good Compatiblity 3.Good processing liquidity and excellent heat stability 4.Nanoscale fineness

aluminum cover Filter Silver Activated carbon Company

1.carbon air filter sheet 2.Eliminate odor and other fine dust. 3.Environmental protection. 4.Size:4",5",6",8",10",

carbon black composition

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MG-3 Calcium Lignosulphonate Lignin Agent Cement Companies

1.Stable quality 2.Competitive prices 3.Water reducing agent 4.Animal feed additives 5.Firebrick adhesives

MBT natural rubber chemical companies looking for distributors

1. CAS NO: 149-30-4 2. We are manufacturer 3. other name: MBT 4. used as a rubber accelerator in tyre industry 5. small moq

Huminrich Shenyang Humate Humic Acid Sidewall Stabilizer oil drilling companies

Shenyang oil drilling companies Humic Acid(dry basis):55% Size:100-120mesh MOQ: 5MT 3weeks delivery

companies looking for distributors oil drilling grade PAC-HV

1.commodity: companies looking for distributors oil drilling grade PAC-HV 2.purity:95% 3.certifate: COA

carbon black N660(GPF) for rubber industry,conveyor belts,plastic,cables,ink,master batch

boasting high Se(tensile stress at a given elongation) of high elongation,satisfactory processing performance of fast extrusion

carbon black n770

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carbon black n220,n330,n550

Carbon Black N220 N330 N550 N660 1.competitive price 2.high quality 3.wide specifications 4.personalized services

sell carbon black N220

our company supply all models of carbon black for tire production,make promise top quality and low price

Good performance for deodorizer activated carbon company

activated carbon company 1.activated carbon 2. Eco-friendly 3.with 15days delivery 4. Factory Price,MOQ 200

UPR(Unsaturated Polyester Resin) Pigment Grease dispersion-C.I. pigment black 7,carbon black

1.high Tinctorial Strength&heat stability 2.for FRP,artificial marble,tempered glass 3.REACH/SGS/MSDS/ISO 4.12year experience