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calcium auminate cements, high alumina cements, high alumina refractory cements

calcium auminate cements, high alumina cements, high alumina refractory cementshigh early strength development

CA-70 High Temperature Refractory Cement

1Metal Trough High Temperature Castable Refractory Cement 2Good strength,thermal shock and slag/iron erosion resistance

Refractory cement A600

A600 Al2O3:50~60% SiO2: 8.0% max Fe2O3: 2.5%max Packing: 25KG or 50KG bags

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high temperature castable high alumina cement CA-50

high alumina cement 1.Exellent high tempreture2.good resistance to abrasion 3.short delivery time4.Reasonable Price

Magnesia spinel bricks for cement kiln

1.Refractory brick2.AL2O3:35-75%3.Refractories:1670C4.Size:230x114x65/75mm5.ISO9000 certificate

cement portland 42.5/42.5R with L/C payment

1. Good workability;2. Steady and high quality; 3. Rich in strength grade.We can supply all type cements with good price.

200-400kg/m3 undensified micro silica fume use in refractory cement

1.High purity and stable quality2.Good price3.SIO9001:20084.Sample free5.Top service and best price

Calcined Refractory Bauxite

Calcined Refractory Bauxite used in 1.aluminium metallurgy, 2 refractory material, 3 precision casting, 4 aluminate cement

Silica Refractory Mortar For Masonry Silica Brick made in china

Silica Refractory Mortar For Masonry Silica Brick1High binding strength2Low shrinkage3 Easy mixing and construction

castable cement refractory cement

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castable cement refractory cement

castable 1-high-quality original material 2-resistance of high temperature 3-good thermal stability 4-high refractoriness

cement refractory cement

1.High Alumina Castable 2.Light Weight Castable 3.Low Thermal Conductivity Refractory Castable 4.high strength.

lowest price with high quality cement refractory cement

cement refractory cement factory 1.anti-corrision, 2.quick hardening 3. early strengthening 4.Passed ISO9001:2008

China cement refractory cement 1100 Rigidizer

China cement refractory cement 1100 Rigidizer 1. Excellent construction performance 2. Small contraction during baking

High-intensive and abrasion-proof low cement refractory cement material

low cement refractory cement material 1) High quality with lowest price 2) Good density, high strength 3) Low cement

cement refractory cement/ ceramic paint refractory

1.ceramic paint refractory 2.98%customer satisfaction rate 3.Factory 4.long service life

high alumina cement refractory cement

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chrome-corundum castable cement refractory cement

1.Good abrasive resistance 2.Good corrosion resistance 3.High load softening point

high alumina cement refractory cement ca50

high strength aluminate cement,longer setting time,can resist high temperature,better stability in air,rapid strength.

insulating castable polyurethane cement refractory cement

1.Low Cement Refractory Castable 2.Refractory Castable Manufacturer 3.high temperature 4.Long service life 5.ISO

High Alumina Cement Refractory Cement Price

1. High refractoriness 2. Stable chemical properties 3. Ideal plasticity 4. High binding strength

cement refractory cement

fire clay 1. fire clay AL2O3:27%-35%. 2. High refractoriness. 3. Physicochemical stability. 4. High quality refractory

High alumina cement refractory cement hottest selling in alibaba india

cement refractory cement Good thermal shock & corrosion resistance Excellent mechanical strength Stable life cycle

aluminate cement (refractory cement)

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high quality high alumina cement refractory cement for kiln

1. High temperature 3. with economical prices 4. Various models and size 5.acid and alkaline resistant

heat resistant cement refractory cement

1.high strength 2. harden quickly 3. erision-resistance 4.high refractoriness 5.long using time

castable cement refractory cement


High conductivity high temperature castable cement refractory cement

1.good quality refractory castable 2.High refractoriness 3.High density, low porosity 4.High strength

Cement Refractory Cement, High Alumina Refractory Brick,standard size alumina brick

Cement Refractory Cement 1. Low thermal conductivity 2. Excellent refractory character 3.High application temperature

cement refractory cement

1.refractory cement 2.high quality material and reasonable price