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high alumina cement refractory cement for furnace

1.refractory mortar 2.Through ISO: 9001 certification 3.alumina cement refractory cement for furnace

high alumina cement/ Refractory Cement

high alumina cement 1. Exellent high tempreture 2. good resistance to abrasion 3. short delivery time

high temperature castable refractory cement

1. Excellent high thermal resistance 2. Application: lining of converter,electric furnace 3. ISO9001

castable cement refractory cement

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refractory High-alumina bauxite casting cement

Reduce the cost of steel foundry. Improve the charge rate and reduce the consumption of the alloy.

Castable Fire Powder Cement Refractory Cement Price Per ton

1.good matching performance,bulk stability,corrosion resistance 2.high tension, corrosion resistance 3.low thermal expasion

Factory Price High Alumina Refractory Cement

High Alumina Refractory Cement 1.27 years manufacturer 2.75% Al2O3 3.1770C refractoriness 4.ISO BV TUV SGS CE certified

high alumina cement refractory cement

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High alumina low cement refractory

1.cement refractory 2.High-intensive &abrasion-proof 3.Factory 4.98% customer satisfaction rate 5.ISO9001:2008 approved

Refractory cement

1.anti-corrision, 2.quick hardening 3. early strengthening

HOT SALE:Dense high strenght cement bonded refractory castable

Dense high strength cement bonded refractory castable passed ISO used in furnaces for industries as chemical,metallurgy,ects.

aluminate cement (refractory cement)

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silicon refractory cement for the hot blast furnance

This type of silicon refractory mortar has high refractory tempreture, corrossion bearing property,

Corumdum mullite series cement refractory cement for Petrolchemical&Coal Chemical Industry

Corumdum mullite series castable refractory cement for Petrolchemical&Coal Chemical Industry Experience: 51 years

castable cement refractory cement

castable 1-high-quality original material 2-resistance of high temperature 3-good thermal stability 4-high refractoriness

High quality CA70 cement high alumina refractory cement castable cement

1.Expansive cement 2.Good quality and competitive price 3.ISO 9001:2000 4.CA-50, CA-60, CA-70,CA-80