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china supplier manufactory low price high alumina Aluminate refractory cement CA50

1.25 years manufacturer 2.Flexible payment 3.Free sample 4.Professional marketing team and after-sale service


Fe 38-45 % S 40-46 % Cu under 0.04 % Ag, Au etc.

castable cement refractory cement

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China cement refractory cement 1100 Rigidizer

China cement refractory cement 1100 Rigidizer 1. Excellent construction performance 2. Small contraction during baking

high alumina cement refractory cement

high alumina cement 1. Exellent high tempreture 2. good resistance to abrasion 3. short delivery time

castable cement refractory cement

castable 1-high-quality original material 2-resistance of high temperature 3-good thermal stability 4-high refractoriness

cement refractory cement

1.High Alumina Castable 2.Light Weight Castable 3.Low Thermal Conductivity Refractory Castable 4.high strength.

fire resistance high temperature high alumina castable cement refractory cement with competitive price

1.Good density and high strength 2.Good thermal shock resistant and best price 3.ISO 9001:2000

high alumina cement refractory cement

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High Quality Alumina Cement Refractory Cement

high alumina cement: 1.High mechanical strength 2.Good thermal shock resistance 3.Abrasion resistant 4.Good density

High Alumina cement Refractory Cement For Sale

1. High refractoriness 2. Good resistance to abrasion 3. Good anti-corrosion performance 4. High thermal shock stability

High alumina cement refractory cement hottest selling in alibaba india

cement refractory cement Good thermal shock & corrosion resistance Excellent mechanical strength Stable life cycle

High-intensive and abrasion-proof low cement refractory cement material

low cement refractory cement material 1) High quality with lowest price 2) Good density, high strength 3) Low cement

cement refractory cement/ ceramic paint refractory

1.ceramic paint refractory 2.98%customer satisfaction rate 3.Factory 4.long service life

cement refractory cement price

refractory cement 1.high temperature 2.excellent performance, 3.good thermal shock resistance

aluminate cement (refractory cement)

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good chemical stability castable cement refractory cement

HIgh quality castable High refractoriness. Used for heating furnace. Good mechanical performance.

Cement Refractory Cement Per Ton Price

High Aluminum Alumina Cement 1.lower price 2.professional manufacture 3.prompt delivery according to ISO9000-2001

refractory hole sealing material castable cement price per ton cement refractory cement

1. Many years' manufacturing experience 2. Anti-flaking and good thermal shock stability

chrome-corundum castable cement refractory cement

1.Good abrasive resistance 2.Good corrosion resistance 3.High load softening point

castable cement refractory cement

castable cement refractory cement 1.Calcium Aluminate Cement 2.Rapid strength development 3.High chemical resistance

High strength cement refractory cement for electrolytic aluminium furnace

Characteristic: 1.Good high-temperature stability 2.Abrasion resistance 3.To prevent adhesion of aluminium liquid