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high alumina powder refractory mortar cement castable cement refractory cement

1. Many years' manufacturing experience 2. easy construction 3. high strength

ceramic fiber blanket

made of special ceramic long-fiber that is produced by the melting of very pure raw materials in double surface meeding process

Refractory cement A600

A600 Al2O3:50~60% SiO2: 8.0% max Fe2O3: 2.5%max Packing: 25KG or 50KG bags

high alumina cement refractory cement

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High quality castable refractory cement

1.Reduced production stoppages & downtimes. 2.Reduced installation and drying/sintering times. 3.Prolong campaign length.

high temperature castable refractory cement/refractory material manufacturer

castable refractory cement/refractory material 1) High quality with lowest price 2) Good density, high strength 3) Low cemen

Masonry Brick Refractory Mortar Cement

1.High binding strength. 2.Easy for mixing and construction. 3.Good resistance to erosion. 4.Excellent plasticity.

aluminate cement (refractory cement)

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castable cement refractory cement

castable 1-high-quality original material 2-resistance of high temperature 3-good thermal stability 4-high refractoriness

silicon refractory cement for the hot blast furnance

This type of silicon refractory mortar has high refractory tempreture, corrossion bearing property,

High alumina low cement refractory

1.cement refractory 2.High-intensive &abrasion-proof 3.Factory 4.98% customer satisfaction rate 5.ISO9001:2008 approved

High stability refractory mortar cement

Refractory mortar cement 1.high qulity and best price 2.chemical stability 3.ISO9001 ISO14001 SGS 4..timely delivery

alumina ceramic tube 99 al2o3 cement refractory cement

high alumina thermocouple protection tubes ceramic pipe /tube 1.high purity 2.ISO approved factory 3.On-time delivery.