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powder coating iron oxide black 318

1.iron oxide 2.color :red, blue ,black .yellow,orange,green 3.Larger order available vs timely delivery 4.manufacturer

iron oxide black powder

the iron oxide is widely used in ink,color paste,coating,plastic runway,building cement,rubber,plastic,medicine,ceramics,etc

SGS certificated iron oxide black powder

iron oxide black powder 1. Free sample 2. Used as pigments in ink, paint, ceramic,brick,NPK 3. Factory price

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1250 mesh/ 10 um titanium dioxide for paints and masterbatch using

Molecular formulation: TiO2Molecular weight: 79.9Product appearance : White powder.Property: Specific gravity 3.9


Water based fluid metallic paint formulated to use on wood, ceramic, glass and porcelain surfaces.

Super Precipitated Barium Sulfate (ZnSO4 ) 98% min used in paint/coating/pigment/paper/plastic/rubber/ink/leather/ceramic

High whiteness paint barium sulphate1.high whiteness2.18 years factory 3.good tinting strength4.paint and plastic use

new products 2014 MDF with 100% man-made glossy paint bathroom vanities

Lacquered / Painted; Luxurious Arc & Handle-Free Modern Design PU Painted Applicable For Any Model Water-proofed

hot new products for 2014 sink overflow ring paint colors white bathroom cabinet

Lacquered / Painted; Luxurious Arc & Handle-Free Modern Design PU Painted Applicable For Any Model Water-proofed

lamp for drying paint

Energy saving Fast heating Low investment cost Easy installationLong warranty time

pigment for ceramics and paint

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Super hydrophilic Self cleaning paint for glass and ceramic

Super Hydrophilic self-cleaning function Decompose organics Anti- fog Excellent scratch resistance High abrasion resistance

paint and pigments for colored ceramic

paint and pigments for colored ceramic good color consistence strong tinting strength on time delivery competitive price

Tinct and Chromatic pearl color pigment super hydrophobic paint ceramic pigment colors

1)Strong coloring,good dispersion 2)Volume-produce 3)Stable quality 4)Suitable for all the craftwork of ceramics production

Chrome Oxide Green Chromiun Oxide Green in Pigment Ceramic Paint and Coating PG17

1.Chrome Oxide Green 2.Purity: 99.0%~99.5% 3.Ceramic, pigment grade 4.Light, dark green powder 5.15 years production factorY

Lithopone 28% ceramic grade Widely used in coating, powder, plastic, profiles, paint, rubber, paper, and leather, etc.

1,Zinc: 28-30%,30% 2,Uses:paints,printing inks,coating,paper pigment,plastic,leather etc. 3,CAS NO.1345-05-7 4,MF:ZnSBaSO4

ceramic and stainless steel travel mug

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Hot product excellent in price and reasonable in quality paint & ceramic raw material zinc oxide 99.7%

mainly used in rubber, plastics, ceramic tiles white powder high tinting strength activity zinc oxide Improve surface finish

Self cleaning paint (for glass,metal,plastic and ceramic)

Self cleaning paint (for glass,metal,plastic and ceramic) 1.Lasting effect 2.Dust proof 3.Easy application 4.Ecofriendly

photoluminescent paint for plastic and ceramics

photoluminescent paint for plastic and ceramics Harmless high brightness eco-friendly super high brightness

synthetic mica pearlescent pigment ceramic ink silk printing paint and coating

big size irregular flake shape pigments,50-8--um, 20mesh, specially for nail polish!

(BV and ISO Certificate) iron oxide black for ink/paint/ceramic/cosmetic powder

1.Red/Yellow/Black/Green powder 2.used in cement,concrete,coating,rubber,paint etc 3.Tinting Strength %: 95-105 4.ISO

ceramic and stainless mug

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450ml ISO Certificate Ceramic Paint

1.Dry time: < 8 minute 2.Spray rate: > 98% 3.Adhesion:< Grade 2 4.Hardness:> HB

green eco-friendly high performance inorganic color pigment glass,palstic,enamel,ceramics,paints and coating pigment

inorganic pigment glass palstic enamel ceramic paints and coating pigment green eco-friendly high performance pigment

Hot Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Ceramic Paint

1.excellent elasticity and elongation 2.crack resistant 3.water resistant 4.mildew resistant resistant 6.high hardness

pigment violet 1 (Fast Rose Toner) high temperature ceramic paint

pigment in chemicals We can supply pigment green 36(Brominated Phthalo Green )CR.G36(Basf K 9360) Light fastness:7 Heat Resis

titanium dioksida high tio2 98.5 paint polystyrene purity ceramic and electronic

Titanium dioxide anatase BA01-01 is high quality tio2 with advantage price, suitable for interior-wall paints, paper, ink etc

VIT China ceramic waterproof paint SWJ-3311

VIT China ceramic waterproof paint 1. Good waterproof performance 2. Suitable for washing room, swimming pool