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Iron Oxide Black Powder

Iron Oxide 1.Manufacture of iron oxide 2.yellow/red/black/green/blue sample for test 4.your satisfy quality

SGS certificated iron oxide black powder

iron oxide black powder 1. Free sample 2. Used as pigments in ink, paint, ceramic,brick,NPK 3. Factory price

Iron Oxide Black DB318 Powder

Iron Oxide Black DB318 Powder 1.Excellent light-fastness, weather resistance 2.Excellent dispersion

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pigments and paints good tinting strength low price

pigments for paints good tinting strength low price -good tinting strength -stable color shade -on time delivery

V-Zr Yellow 912212 12 colors 22ml ceramic paint set

1) Foshan 2) Composition:Fe-Si-Zr 3) Fire temperature:1200-1300 4) MOQ:10KG 5) Free samples within:200g

Splendor rubber dip, Splendor plasti dip, rubber paint, removable/peelable paint, ceramic plasti dip

rubber paint, rubber dip, plasti dip is a new and popular paint widely used in car hub, car body, car wheel for car decoration

Star Home Multi-Function Elastomeric Gigging Pattern Paint

1.Thick and natural coating film 2.Good tensile strength, repairing the cracks 3.Easy application 4.Good stain resistance

photoluminescent paint for gel nail polish

luminous pigment/glow in dark powder 1)extremely high brightness 2)long afterglow time ten hours 3)non-toxic and non-radiat

pigment for ceramics and paint

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2014 Hot Sale Ceramic Spray Paint

Ceramic Spray Paint: 1 Fast-dried 2 Superior adhesion 3 high covering ability 4 SGS,REACH,ISO9001,ISO14001 certificates

Super hydrophilic Self cleaning paint for glass and ceramic

Super Hydrophilic self-cleaning function Decompose organics Anti- fog Excellent scratch resistance High abrasion resistance

Hot product excellent in price and reasonable in quality paint & ceramic raw material zinc oxide 99.7%

mainly used in rubber, plastics, ceramic tiles white powder high tinting strength activity zinc oxide Improve surface finish

synthetic mica pearlescent pigment ceramic ink silk printing paint and coating

big size irregular flake shape pigments,50-8--um, 20mesh, specially for nail polish!

ceramic and stainless steel travel mug

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Tinct and Chromatic pearl color pigment super hydrophobic paint ceramic pigment colors

1)Strong coloring,good dispersion 2)Volume-produce 3)Stable quality 4)Suitable for all the craftwork of ceramics production

Self cleaning paint (for glass,metal,plastic and ceramic)

Self cleaning paint (for glass,metal,plastic and ceramic) 1.Lasting effect 2.Dust proof 3.Easy application 4.Ecofriendly

Lithopone 28% ceramic grade Widely used in coating, powder, plastic, profiles, paint, rubber, paper, and leather, etc.

1,Zinc: 28-30%,30% 2,Uses:paints,printing inks,coating,paper pigment,plastic,leather etc. 3,CAS NO.1345-05-7 4,MF:ZnSBaSO4

Chrome Oxide Green Chromiun Oxide Green in Pigment Ceramic Paint and Coating PG17

1.Chrome Oxide Green 2.Purity: 99.0%~99.5% 3.Ceramic, pigment grade 4.Light, dark green powder 5.15 years production factorY

(BV and ISO Certificate) iron oxide black for ink/paint/ceramic/cosmetic powder

1.Red/Yellow/Black/Green powder 2.used in cement,concrete,coating,rubber,paint etc 3.Tinting Strength %: 95-105 4.ISO

Hot Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance Ceramic Paint

1.excellent elasticity and elongation 2.crack resistant 3.water resistant 4.mildew resistant resistant 6.high hardness

ceramic and stainless mug

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pigment violet 1 (Fast Rose Toner) high temperature ceramic paint

pigment in chemicals We can supply pigment green 36(Brominated Phthalo Green )CR.G36(Basf K 9360) Light fastness:7 Heat Resis

Non-leafing Aluminum Paste for Ceramic Paint

1.used for car paint/ceramic/ship coating 2.anti-corrosion 3.good coverage 4.fine colour 5.thermostability

superior quality ceramic paint

ceramic paint 1). Bright-colored exquisite powder. 2). Good weatherability. 3). Strong tinting power

ceramic paints tio2 producer

tio2 producer 1.good anti corrosion property 2.Excellent whitness and prevent cracks 3.high covering power

photoluminescent paint for plastic and ceramics

photoluminescent paint for plastic and ceramics Harmless high brightness eco-friendly super high brightness

ISO9001 Eco-friendly Multipurpose Ceramic Paint

ISO9001 Eco-friendly Ceramic Paint 1.Excellent Quality With Factory Price 2.ISO,CE,SOCAP,SASO 3.Diliver On Time