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lead free tempered glass paint

1.lead free/freindly environment 2.tempered temperature:680-720Deg. C 3.powder/ink(water base/oil base) 4.all colours

paint for glass

1)Pigment yellow150 used for plastic and rubber 2)Mainly used in plastic and rubber

pigment for ceramics and paint

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hard coating film OEM produtcs nano hydrophobic pro paint

Hardness: 9H Type: Nano coating Material: SiO2 compound Content: 100%(VOC free)

Interior wall paint factory- damping proof wall decoration building interior wall material golden paint

Environment-friendly material and odor-free; metallic texture effect; Excellent weather and chemical resistance.

Nano Super Hydrophobic coating - Paints and Plastic

Nano Super hydrophobic coating for Ceramics Nanotechnology based super hydrophobic transparent and durable coating. coating

ceramic and stainless mug

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ceramic paints for mugs with custom printing

CERAMIC MUG WITH CHRISTMAS DECAL 1)Dish Washer Safe,Microware Safe 2)High Quality& Best Price 3)Fast Sample& Delivery

Colored Enamel paint for glass

Colored Enamel paint for glass Firing temp. 520-830 Deg.C Paint for glass ware,tempered glass,melt glass mosaic.

Barium Chromate 10294-40-3 making paint glass and ceramic

Chemical Name: Barium Chromate Molecular Formula: BaCrO4 Formula Weight: 253.32 CAS No.: 10294-40-3