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Valerian Root P.E.

Valerian Root P.E. Plant Origin: Valeriana officinalis Extract Ratio:10:1,Valeric Acid 0.4% ,0.8%

thyme essential oil

(1) Product name: thyme essential oil (2)Specification: 55%thymol (3)Appearance: light yellow oil

chamomile extract benefits

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price of 100-4000w chamomile extract

price of 100-4000w chamomile extract 10 years experiences for profession manufacture OEM is available,C

100% Natural camomile extract/chamomile Extract 98% Apigenin by HPLC

Chamonile Flower Extract 100% Natural, Free sample avaliable On time service

100% natural 10:1 powder organic chamomile flower extract

chamomile flower extract Specification: 1.2% 10:1 Deliver within 2 days ISO Certification Herbal extract factory