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Amino Acid Chelate Fertilizer

1 complex /compond amino acid powder 2 CAS NO.: 65072-01-7 3 Animal Source 4 Improve Nutrient Utilization 5. nice price

bio organic fertilizer manufacturers

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China Biological Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer and Exporter

1.Natural fertilizer 2.Long residual action 3.Nutrient preserving capability 4.Applied to all kinds of crops and vegetables.

China manufacturer organic fertilizer prices

organic fertilizer prices 1.General Nutrient:N+P2O5+K2O>4.0%, 6.0%, 8.0%, 12.0% 2.Organic: >45% 3.Moisture Content<20%

china manufacture chitosan liquid bio pesticide organic fertilizer

1.Produced with high quality crab shell. 2.With IMO organic certificate and ISO certificate. 3.Can produce OEM products.

organic fertilizer manufacture machine

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China manufacturer 50% water soluble Na-Humic Acid bulk organic fertilizer

china manufacturer 50% humate sodium bulk organic fertilizer 1)Moisture:15%max 2)Humic acid:50%min 3)Soluble:85%min

fertilizer Manufacturer Manufacture of reliable quality Humic granular machine

Pig manure fertilizer pellet machine 1.special for organic fertilizer 2.round fertilizer 3.good quality 4.CE

Organic compound fertilizer making machines/Organic fertilizer processing equipment

* Advanced technology * Factory price * ISO9001-2008 * Twenty five years experience of organic fertilizer processing equipmen

Agriculture high Nitrogen Organic Granular Fertilizer for Soil

Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer 1. Organic Matter: 40%min 2. N: 12%min 3. Manufacturer 4. The best price