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Potassium Humate Powder - 85%

Water-solubility (Dry basis): 75.0%min Humic Acid (Dry Basis):55.0%min Potassium content (K2O dry basis) 12%min

NPK Fertilizers

NPK Fertilizers (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) is available in all quantities.

NPK Fertilizers

We can sell map 12-61-0 Mkp 0-52-34 Potassium sulphate 0-0-50 Potassium nitrate 13-0-46 And NPK powder

organic fertilizer manufacture machine

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China Dashan chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturer

Place of Origin: CN;HEN ; Brand Name:DASHAN; Model Number: 260 ; Applications: Seperate Solid,Liquid part from Slurry Animal Dun

Sodium humate fertilizer

We are the manufacturer of sodium humic in North-east China.Many trading companies purchase our products to export.

fertilizer Manufacturer Manufacture of reliable quality Humic granular machine

Pig manure fertilizer pellet machine 1.special for organic fertilizer 2.round fertilizer 3.good quality 4.CE

compound organic fertilizer

1. compound organic fertilizer-high quality raw material 2.professional fertilizer manufacturer 3.ISO9001,ISO14001 certificate

Water Soluble Rich Potassium Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizer Manufacturer 1.Humic acid 50% Min . 2.Red granule 3.Water soluble:85%-95%