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potassium Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer NPK 5-5-5

We offer humic acid in following forms: Powder form Granular form Crystallize form

seaweed extract organic fertilizer

improve crops quality,enhance resistance of crops . Induce plants to enhance resistance to disease ,moliorate soil

Vermicompost, Organic fertilizers, Biocompost, Bio growth promoters, Biofertilizers

We are largest producers of Organic fertilizers like Vermicompost, Biocompost, Coir pith composts and Earthworms.

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NPK 20-20-20+TE water sluble fertilizer manufacturer

1. 100% water-soluble 2. water soluble fertilizer, It is rich in sorts of elements that provides severals nutrients to plants

dap fertilizer manufacturers China

Diammonium phosphate: 1). Nitrogen:18% min 2). P2O5: 46%min 3). Free water: 2-5% 4). Size (1-4mm): 90-95% Pass

NPK compound fertilizer low price

NPK compound fertilizer low price 1persistent fertilizer efficiency 2high efficiency of fertilizer utilization 3low-cost

The Trusted NPK

All of Kind NPK Fertilizer

Newly Displayed china organic fertilizer manufacturers

ferrous iron fertilizer manufacturers from china

Ferrous sulphate used to correct chlorosis (yellowing of leaves) in Plants. Essential for chlorophyll production.

Seaweed fertilizer manufacturer in China

Product Character: Dark Brown Liquid Regulate growth of plant and improve quality of fruit.

potassium acetate fertilizer

Best manufacturer, Acetic acid salt series 1. No Cheat. Factory visit, SGS Test 2.10 year's produce experience,best quality

Manufacturer Biochar Organic Fertilizer

Manufacturer Biochar Organic Fertilizer 1.NPK 3-5% 2.Organic matters ~45% 3.IMO & USDA Approve 4.Micronutrients ~1.0%

Hot Products in Biological Fertilizer

MPOB F4 RealStrong

MPOB F4 a 3 in 1 control-release fertilizer consisting of living organisms, chemical and organic matters. Suitable for Oil palm

liquid seaweed extract organic fertilizer

to a largest content, it contains active nutrient substances such as mannitol, alginic acid ect.

Nano Bio fertilizer for Potato - Biological & Cheap fertilizer

Biological & Cheap fertilizer for Potato - Nano Fertilizer . Hot

Biohumus-Vermicompost,fertilizer organic

Biohumus-Vermicompost,fertilizer organic

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