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Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Adhesive

Clear Acetoxy Silicone Sealant for 280 Ml Clear, Black, White and Grey

Acetic Silicone Sealant adhesives and sealants

Acetic Silicone Sealant adhesives and sealants,silicone hair adhesive

S090(200L) Silicone Structural Sealant Adhesive

silicone adhesive 1. Excellent resistance to weather, low and high; 2. Excellent adhesion to building.

300ml sealant

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Ideabond 8800 Super Weatherproof Neutral Silicone Sealant With Competitive Price

seal with glass, coated glass, aluminium products, ceramics, concrete, steel, stainless steel etc with excellent water proofness

Fast curing silicone sealant,RTV

HH-6600 Fast curing silicone sealant Quickly speed of curing, excellent adhesion, low , excellent displacement capability

COJSIL-GM Clear Transparent silicone sealant for aluminium window

1.One part,neutral silicon metal sealant2.Permanently flexible, low odor application3.Good bonding to metal,coated glass,

mirror silicone sealant for coated glass, neutural cure

mirror silicone sealant 1.waterproof, no corrode 2.excellent adhesion 3 factory supply 4.accepet customized

sctrach-resistant silicone structural adhesives sealants for silicone coated glassfabric

Silicone adhesive Curing at high temperature Clear colloid Low and high temperature resistance RoHs,FDA provide

Neutral Silicone sealant For color coated roofing sheet

1.One part,industry material silicone adhesive 2.Fast curing,low odor application 3.Excellent resistance to weather,water,UV

concrete clear coat

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Coated Glass Silicone Sealant

1. Coated Glass Silicone Sealant 2. neutral cure silicone sealant 3. specifically developed for a broad range of wea

Girafe 928 rtv clear silicone sealant

1, RTV-1,Neutral Curing; 2, Excellent weatherproofing performance; 3, Primeless, no corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete

waterproof silicone sealant

Belong to RTV-1,anti-fungal neutral silicone with non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, marble, granite etc

300ml weathering resistance silicone sealant clear FF-2332

1 Weather sealing in glass roof joints, Sealing for coated glass and mirror; 2. Neutral translucent silicone 3. fast delivery

S890 Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant clear silicone sealant

1. Non-corrsive to metal, coated glass, concrete, marble, granite etc; 2. Excellent resistance to weather, UV, ozone, water.

mildewproof cabinets & bathroom silicone sealants 540

1. One component 2. Neutral Curing and non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete and marble 3. Non-discoloring.

clear coat uv protection

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float glass wall sealant

float glass wall sealant1.Thickness:3-19mm 2.3-5 times than normal glass 3.Safety packing 4.CE, SGCC

butyl sealant for insulated glass

1.Good function to obstruct the heat radiation permeate. 2.Have high transmittance to the cisible light 3.We have a factory

heat resistant glass sealant

heat resistant glass sealant 1. Fog defrost glass 2. Glass surface can reach 40 degree centigrade 3. MOQ:1piece 4. OEM

Neutral Structral Glazing RTV-1 Silicon Sealants

neutral silicone sealant 1.single component ,100% RTV silicone sealant 2.Fungus &mildew resistant 3.No smell odour 4.OEM

Liquid Silicone Sealant, Contract Packaging Service

Clear liquid silicone sealant, Excellent sealing, coating and waterproof performance. Private-label packaging available.

butyl sealant for insulated glass

butyl sealant for insulated glass Tempered glass is a type of glass that has increased strength on the surface by the physical