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Multi-purpose household cleaning nonwoven viscose cloth, viscose cleaning cloth (viscose/polyester)

Nonwoven viscose cloth, viscose cleaning cloth viscose,polyester,80-400gsm,custom size kitchen,pet,car,floor cleaning SGS

Household cleaning products perforated nonwoven super cleaning cloth

Cleaning wipes nonwoven fabric 50%viscose, 50%polyester, 120gsm 38x38cm kitchen,pet,car,floor cleaning SGS

Microfiber nonwoven 100%rayon viscose cleaning cloth

100%rayon viscose clean cloth 38x38cm, 240gsm, 120gsm 100%viscose or rayon kitchen, bathroom, furniture, glass, etc. SGS

leather and cloth furniture

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household wipe cloth/nonwoven furniture wipe cloth

nonwoven household wiper cloth meltblown fabrics economical and effective ISO9001

microfiber cleaning cloth/cleaning cloth furniture

cleaning cloth furniture: 80% polyester and 20% polyamide or 70% polyester and 30% polyamide

Comfortable leisure Top design sofa set linen sofa cloth indoor furniture

Italy Style Comfortable Sex Sofa Set Comfort chaise bed and chaise with different style,full warm for living room

Wood cloth Display furniture for clothing store

Wood cloth Display furniture for clothing store Can laser cutting your wanted shape Display it by yourself

Square printing mesh nonwoven cleaning cloth furniture

1.High quality 2.Strong absorbentcy. 3.Lint free 4.Soft. 5.Customised packing nonwoven cleaning cloth furniture

painting cloth furniture

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Needle punched nonwoven super absorbent furniture cleaning cloth, furniture wiping cloth

Furniture cleaning cloth 50%viscose, 50%polyester, 130gsm 27x33.5cm kitchen,pet,car,floor cleaning SGS

colorful cloth cabinets furniture

colorful cloth cabinets furniture 1.cloth cabinet:color&style 2.cloth cabinet:cold rolled steel 3.cloth cabinet:KD 4.ISO9001

2014 Chinese micro fiber cloth shop furniture design

multi purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: 1.Super absorbent 2.Strong decontamination . 3.Durable

foldable bean bag chair/portatve cloth furniture for outside travel

1.Cover:Oxford.PVC coating water proof. 2.Filling: Polystyrene bead. 3.Size:110*80*70cm. 4.Different sizes,colors availab

spray for cloth furniture

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wardrobe cabinet furniture Cloth Wardrobe furniture manufacturer

1.Cloth Wardrobe 2. More than 6 years export experience 3. Good quality material 4. Focus on detail

Cloth Display Furniture

1.ISO9001:2008 Certificated 2. OEM ODM Acceptable 3.Provide optimizing proposal 4. Satisfying price 5.Anti-rust & Durable

Cube design assembled DIY cloth cabinets furniture portable FH-AL0031-9

cloth cabinets furniture 1. UV-printing 2. Easy clean &water proof 3. All sheet is virgin material 4. lovely col

W663-50 cloth cabinets furniture

W663-50 clothing wardrobe 3 door 2 drawer Knock down,flat pack 7 years manufacture experience Verified by French BV