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Infrared fat machine and extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment (Very Effective on fat)

extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment 1.1M ultrasonic 2.electro-stimulation 3.LED cold light /Ipl 4.Vibration

Hospital use!! professional oxygen peeling /skin oxygen therapy equipment oxygen therapy equipment 2.multifunctional 3.CE approval,manufacturer whitening,ance removal,wrinkle removal

decoration for beauty salon

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Cavitation slimming equipment, cavitation&RF&vacuum&laser,combination all advanced technology for body shaping

1 new slimming technology machine 2 10-inch lcd touch screen 3 cavitation&RF&vacuum&laser 4 fat burning,body contouring

super professional salon hair beauty products/ hair mask combination

1: professional hair mask 2:make hair bright and smooth 3:Replenish nutrients 4:prevent broken hair 5:repair split hair

fat cavitation slimming equipment combine with laser

1. lipo laser slim 2. cavitation and RF, lipolaser 3. salon first choice 4. weight & cellulite reduction, body shape