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CMW 8000 Lithium Silicate Below Grade/Floor Concrete Moisture Vapor Barrier Stops Water/Efflorescence & Strengthens Concrete

Stops concrete floor coatings/coverings from de-bonding due to hydrostatic vapor pressure & densifies/strengthens concrete

ARMOR L3000 Water Based Penetrating Lithium Silicate Concrete Sealer Densifier

The Foundation Armor L3000 is a 100%, water-based lithium silicate concrete sealer and concrete densifier.

Silicate EMEX exterior emulsion paint

The Silicate EMEX exterior emulsion paint, unlike classic emulsion paints

concrete densifier hardener

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HX Concrete Densifier

Concrete Densifier 1.High quality 2.High water reduction 3.High slump retention 4.Good strength

Kp Pothassium Concrete Densifier

Kp Pothassium Concrete Densifier gives the Concrete Surface Hardness & Impermeability and Prepares for Further Treatment