concrete floor stain colors

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Garage stain and oil resistance epoxy polymer floor coating

Non-toxic, odorless. Anti-crackle ; adhesion and scuff resistant Mould proof, anti-corrosion of chemical stain/oil resistant

High Quality Concrete Acid Stain Colors

1,Strong cohesive ,wear resisting and antirot,anti-impact,low price ,water proof 2,Fast construction,cleanness with convenience

Huminrich Shenyang Sodium Humic Acid black timber stain

Huminrich Shenyang Sodium Humic Acid black timber stain Size: 40-60mesh Water-solubility: 100% Humic Acid:70-75%

concret floor pads

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ZhengOu Quikrete concrete stain

1,a good property of flowing,self flow leveling without stirring and pressing 2,high strength, wear resisting withanti-water

stain for concrete floors

Recommended Model: C840 Textured Coating Please visit our website for more products you need.

Chinese Caboli Stain

1.Excellent Impact resistance; 2.Excellent Anti-static effect ; 3.Excellent Waterproof; 4.Strong adhesion

Metallic Concrete Stain & Metallic Coating Pigments for Floors

1. Create a variety of colorful metallic effects 2. Used in both water and solvent based 3. Mostly use Epoxy Sealers