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stamps stone

We supply various stamps stone for building decoration, various colors, special shapes and designs.

Stained Concrete

A permanent stain that applies beautiful color tones to your existing concrete.

Stained Concrete Floor

Export Quality Stained Concrete Floor suitable for indoor-outdoor residential and commercial applications

concrete floor stain colors

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concrete floor paint vs stain

Recommended Model: G3 Exterior Semi-gloss Latex Paint Please visit our website for more products you need.

Pro Acid Stain concentrate Concrete floors

Pro Acid Stain Concentrate is a special product with 100% solids where water and diluted hydrochloric acid have to be added.

Huminrich Shenyang Sodium Humic Acid black timber stain

Huminrich Shenyang Sodium Humic Acid black timber stain Size: 40-60mesh Water-solubility: 100% Humic Acid:70-75%

concret floor pads

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Garage stain and oil resistance epoxy polymer floor coating

Non-toxic, odorless. Anti-crackle ; adhesion and scuff resistant Mould proof, anti-corrosion of chemical stain/oil resistant

Buckskin Classic Ethc Concrete Stain

Concrete stain that is acid based all in one highly concentrated solution. No prewashing required! Just stain and seal.

Stamp Concrete,Elite Flooring, Epoxy, Acid Stain, Concrete sculpture, VDF floorings Etc.

We are India based supplies of decorative floor concrete, we can supply row materials for all kinds of concrete floor solution

Concrete Stain For Exterior And Interior Floors

Sim stain is an exciting alternative to typical acic or chemical stains. It is more user friendly th

Smith's Color Floor Stain

Eco friendly, water based stain for concrete and other porous materials.