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silicone sealant for concrete joints

1 silicone sealant 2 Fast curing 3 Good sealing for doors and windows 4 Transparent 5 Single component

COJSIL-210 Weatherability silicone sealant China joint compound

1.One part,GP curing silicone neutral caulk 2.Low odor formulation,Anti-mildew sealing 3.Suitable for interior/exterior use

construction concrete sealant

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Environmental silicone concrete hydrophobic sealant for 8 years protection

UV resistance,frost,acid,alkaline proof,long lasting water repelling,air permeability,anti-pollution,sunshine resistance

Building expansion joint/concrete sealant/marble movement joint/control joint

1.Grout line whilst absorbing expansion stresses 2.Neoprene core 3.Aluminum, S/steel and brass Side Plate 4.Secure fixing

concrete sealant/ joint mixture/PU foam sealant

waterproof sealant for bathroom/PU foam sealant 1. High foaming speed 2. No shrinkage after cured 3. Predominantly Closed

Chemical Adhesive Polyurethane Concrete Joint Sealant

polyurethane sealant 1.we are manufaturer 2.accept OEM 3.certificate:ISO ROSH 4.export for 6 years

Concrete Silicone Sealant

1. One-part, middle-modulus, neutral-cure 2. Excellent adhesion to stone, marble, ceramics, etc.

epoxy concrete sealant

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One component Polyurethane Concrete Joint Sealant

1.Used in a caulking gun 2.One-part,moisture,curable at room temperature 3.Free of solvent,no shrink,high bondstrength

Kafuter Bathroom& Kitchen Concrete Silicone Sealant

concrete silicone sealant a.long mouldproof,permanent sealing b.neutral,no corrosion c.environmental, use in kitchen d.300m

concrete silicone sealant, neutural cure, no corrode

concrete silicone sealant 1.waterproof, no corrode 2.excellent adhesion 3 factory supply 4.accepet customized

waterproof concrete sealant

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JCT concrete silicone sealant NHZ-1000L

1.concrete silicone sealant 2.High temperature /pressure 3.Multi-funtional 4.Frequency control 5.CE,ISO14001,ISO90

polyurethane concrete joint sealant

1.polyurethane concrete joint sealant 2.strongly stick to most traditional building materials.

flat roof black concrete silicone sealant

flat roof black concrete silicone sealant 1)Glass Panel, 2)Aquarium Used 3)Suitable for all kinds

Apply to organic and inorganic glass sealant concrete sealant

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

Zhengou Concrete Floor Sealant

1. Concrete Floor Sealant 2.Material:Epoxy Floor Paint 3.Color:Optional 4.Transport:Fast Shipping 5.Package:Drum

COJSIL-GM concrete silicone sealant, neutral sealant for concrete

1.One part,neutral silicon metal sealant 2.Permanently flexible, low odor application 3.Good bonding to metal,coated glass,