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Safety Green, 5200 System DTM Acrylic Enamel, 1 Gallon - No. 5233402

Safety Green, 5200 System DTM Acrylic Enamel, 1 Gallon - No. 5233402

Acrylic Thinner

High quality acrylic thinner, used to dilute varnishes, bi-layer acrylics and metallic laquers.

acrylic color

water-soluble, using acrylic resin as a binder. Meanwhile, it has a good water-proof effect when it becomes dry

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Industry Purpose Diamond Hardness epoxy concrete sealer

1.Dust-proofing2.Environmental3.Heavy duty resistance4.Smooth surface

Nano Lithium Silicate Concrete Sealer

Nano Lithium Silicate Concrete HardenerSealing, hardening, dustproofing for floors; Non-toxic, non-flammable, easy to use.

acrylic concrete sealer coating

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High Quality Epoxy Concrete Floor Sealer

1.Concrete Floor Sealer 2.Material:Epoxy Paint 3.Color:Optional 4.Transport:Fast Shipping 5.Package:Drum

Siloxane waterproof concrete sealer

concrete sealer Penetrate into the substrate surface Reduce the water absorption Not affect the appearance

Concrete Sealer

1. Wet look effect for Sand Stone , granite 2. Flame Granite 3. Any Rough stone 4. High quality , Delivery on Time

Strong penetrating concrete sealer

Strong penetrating concrete sealer Good at waterproof,mould proof,antifouling,colorless and non-yellowin

acrylic concrete sealer

cementitious decorative mortar for interior and exterior walls white color it needs to coat emulsion primer and finisher

alkali resistant sealer waterproof concrete coating coating spray cement based paint

* Natural decorative concrete effect *Environment-friendly and odor-free *Excellent weather and chemical resistance

concrete sealer waterproof

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Rainguard Clear-Seal Heavy Traffic High Gloss Acrylic/Urethane Concrete Water Sealer

Exceptionally tough, water base, low VOC, single-component, self cross-linking clear acrylic/urethane blend high gloss sealer

Metallic Concrete Stain | Metallic Pigments | Concrete Floor Coatings

1. Create a variety of colorful metallic effects 2. Used in both water and solvent based 3. Mostly use Epoxy Sealers

KCC Wall Sealer 500

Wall Sealer 500 is a high performance, advanced styrene acrylic pigmented water based.

concrete floor surface hardeners sealer

concrete floor surface hardeners sealer 1.Main Raw Material: Silicone 2.ISO9001,CE,SGS delivery speed

Maydos Heavy Duy Resistance Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings

Maydos epoxy floor coatings has such futures as scratching resistance, long service life, etc.

ISONEM DS (Transparent Floor Coating, Sealer)

ISONEM DS is a one component, transparent penetrating non-yellowing protective sealer for concrete floors, waterproofing produc

penetrating concrete sealers

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High Quality Water Proof Sealer

water proof sealer 1.Good quality and Lower price 2.Good gloss and Long lasting 3.Good resistanc

Maydos high performance Polyurethane Wood furniture sanding sealer(China paint company/maydos paint )

Maydos high performance Polyurethane Wood furniture sanding sealer(China paint company/maydos paint )

SKShu ZGD6051 Advanced Interior Sealer

It can prevent paint from erosion by chemicals inside wall,can be applied to inerior putty, concrete and concrete mortar wall.

bayferrox pigment Red 4130 used in concrete sealer

iron oxide red Red 4130 used in concrete sealer 1.bayferrox iron oxide quality 2.good price & free sample

Acrylic oil alkali resistance sealer

1,ISO9001,CCCEL,China 3C certification 2,Has a strong sealed 3,Super osmotic force 4,Enhance concrete surface strength

Wall Sealer - Sequoia

Waterbase wall sealer wit Low VOC. It can be used for new and repainting walls for plaster, brickwork, concrete & ceiling.