construction mastic sealant

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Marble and stone glue is a high strength adhesive. It can safely be used for bonding every kind of marble,stone,granite,tile etc

Heat-Resistant Glue, Mastic, Repair Mix, Adhesive

Heat-resisting silicate gluey mass (glue, mastic, repair mix) for fireplace and ovens. Operating temp. + 800- + 1000 C.

Excellent performance petrolatum molding mastic

Based on principle:hydrophobic oil and oily constitute continuous protection layers Flexibility feature: no curing,no hardening

Bitumen Mastic

Bitumen based sealing and repair mastic to use on dry surfaces for wet floor and rainy weather.

construction mastic adhesive

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Hypromellose pour poudre de mastic

Hypromellose pour poudre de mastic 1.Loss on drying, %5.0 Max 2.PH value:5.0-8.0 3.Viscosity:5-20000

Bitumen Mastic

Bitumen Mastic for waterproofing joints and cracks in concrete or asphalt surfaces.


TIC 1010 Vinyl Mastic is an emulsion type of coating product for finishing process

Liquid Surface Mastic

liquid surface mastic: 1.Fast hardening. 2.Can be treated in cold weather. 3.Non hand sticky after cured. 4.Good adhesion.

AYK Mr.Sealant polyurethane mastic

AYK Mr.Sealant Acrylic Sealant is a kind of one component acrylic based filling material.

Silicon Mastic

1.Join Leader Silicone Sealant 2.High quality 3.Used for general purpose and dwelling decoration

construction magic

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Caulk Applied Swellseal Mastic Sealing smooth and rough construction joints

1.Sealing joints between manholes 2.Contact with water expand to about 350% 3.Easy application with caulking gun

2012 enviroment green marble mastic

2012 enviroment green marble mastic 1. enviroment green 2. high fastness 3. quick fixness

2012 green marble mastic

2012 green marble mastic 1. enviroment green 2. high fastness 3. quick fixness

High Performance Ceramic Tile Adhesive and Mastic in SouthEast Asia Market

1:Ceramic Tile Adhesive 2:High hardness could be polished after curing; 3:Good water resistance and alkali resistance