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Beige Marble Adhesive/Granite Glue

Marble Glue Strong bonding strength High speed of glue curing Strong mechanical strength Easy to polish surface

Virgin White sealing paste

Multi thread sealing paste good for all metals and plastic threads.

Brand new sealing paste manufacturer with great price

Brand new sealing paste manufacturer with great price 1.TVS,genreal use 2.Aquarium used 3.butt-joints 4.General glazing

Quarzoflex Cement-Based Adhesive

Cement-based highly technological adhesive for wall and floor tiles, stone, glazed stoneware. Ideal also for big sizes.

Pietra Marble Adhesive

It is high quality product that is used for madding and pasting marble, granite and all kind of natural stone by safety.

Fengjing beige solid colored stone marble adhesive

1)stone marble adhesive producer 2)High bond strength, Acid and alkali resistance 3)curing fast,Strong Bonding

construction mastic sealant

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TIC 1010 Vinyl Mastic is an emulsion type of coating product for finishing process

Stress relief mastics/gums

Stress relief mastics/gums >butyl material >sealing,bonding,weathering resistance,anti-aging,filling >used in cable joints

BitumenRubber Modified Hot Applied Mastic

Bitumen-rubber based, highly elastic, hot applicable masticate for both horizontal and vertical uses.

Hypromellose pour poudre de mastic

Hypromellose pour poudre de mastic 1.Loss on drying, %5.0 Max 2.PH value:5.0-8.0 3.Viscosity:5-20000

Liquid Surface Mastic

liquid surface mastic: 1.Fast hardening. 2.Can be treated in cold weather. 3.Non hand sticky after cured. 4.Good adhesion.

construction mastic adhesive

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AYK Mr.Sealant polyurethane mastic

AYK Mr.Sealant Acrylic Sealant is a kind of one component acrylic based filling material.

Heat Resistant ( + 1100 C) Glue, Mastic, Mix

Heat-resistant ( + 1100 C ) gluey mass (ready-to-use thermal and fire resistantat glue, mastic, fireplace repair mix)

Industrial used mastic,putty, paste and sealing wrapping material--the biggest and best manufacturer in China

The biggest and best manufacturer in China Excellent waterproof performance mastic,putty, paste and sealing wrapping material

320ml and 600ml Water swelling Sealant / mastics/heat resistant silicone sealant

Movement capacity 25% Bubble free curing system Low stress imparted to the substrate User friendly (easy to smoothen

Siliconized Mastic

Acrylic Mastic Sealant

1500ml 1:1 pneumatique pistolet mastic

1500ml 1:1 pneumatique pistolet mastic labour-saving air caulking gun Spary Applicator for Coatings and Polyurease Hot!!

construction magic

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Semi Solid Mastic Clear For Marble

Semi Solid Mastic Clear For Marble Easy Application Time Delivery with Quality Color Options available

High Performance Ceramic Tile Adhesive and Mastic in SouthEast Asia Market

1:Ceramic Tile Adhesive 2:High hardness could be polished after curing; 3:Good water resistance and alkali resistance

VT-241 Vital Coolroom Mastic

It has excellent resistant to water vapour transmission.

butyl mastic

1.butyl mastic 2.compatible weith solid dielectric cable insulations. 3..adaptable with all kinds of cables,excellent.

Silicon Mastic

1.Join Leader Silicone Sealant 2.High quality 3.Used for general purpose and dwelling decoration

Bitumen Mastic

Bitumen Mastic for waterproofing joints and cracks in concrete or asphalt surfaces.