construction mastic sealant

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Stress grading mastic

Stress grading mastic >butyl material >sealing,bonding,weathering resistance,anti-aging,filling >used in cable joints

marble mastic

marble mastic Size:60x60/80x80 etc. We promise you up50years QLY

best price for mastic price for mastic 2. can strongly stick to most traditional building materials.

ECM modified epoxy repair mortar Epoxy mastic for Acid brick

A:With impermeability , frost , salt , alkali resistance, weak acid corrosion B:For acid brick pasting. C:CE and ISO

construction mastic adhesive

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BitumenRubber Modified Hot Applied Mastic

Bitumen-rubber based, highly elastic, hot applicable masticate for both horizontal and vertical uses.

White Glue Mastic

1. Multipurpose wood and paper adhesive 2. Fast drying and high strength

World used excellent quality rubber mastic

Excellent quality polypropylene tape High peel strength Strict quality control

Caulk Applied Swellseal Mastic Sealing smooth and rough construction joints

1.Sealing joints between manholes 2.Contact with water expand to about 350% 3.Easy application with caulking gun

Hypromellose pour poudre de mastic

Hypromellose pour poudre de mastic 1.Loss on drying, %5.0 Max 2.PH value:5.0-8.0 3.Viscosity:5-20000

construction magic

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clear silicone red silicone sealant mastic

clear silicone red silicone sealant mastic 1, RTV silicone sealant 2, Neutral Cure 3, Sanitary Application

Bitumen Mastic

Bitumen Mastic for waterproofing joints and cracks in concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Beige Mastics

Beige mastics: Fast hardening. Can be treated in cold weather. Non hand sticky after cured. Good adhesion

POLYURETHANE MASTIC,Professional PU Foam Sealant Manufacturer

POLYURETHANE MASTIC 1,Stronger After Cure 2,Better Adhesion 3,Easy to use

liquid silicone filler mastic for electric

liquid silicone filler mastic for electric (1)silicone (2)two component (3)passed RoHS,Reach,Halogen-free,UL94V-0

High Quality Broad Adheison Fast Curing 100% Rtv Silicon Mastic

Silicon Mastic * Wide Price Level * Acetate & Neutral Silicone Sealant * Short Leading Time * Stock Availa