construction mastic sealant

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Silicon Mastic

1.Join Leader Silicone Sealant 2.High quality 3.Used for general purpose and dwelling decoration

S880 neutral cure silicone sealant mastic

Neutral silicone mastik Installing all kinds of windows and doors, caulking seams of roofs, use for jointing

roofing rubber sealant silicone mastic

roofing rubber sealant silicone mastic Cost Effective One part Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Good weather ability

waterproof mastic with high sealing effect

waterproof mastic with high sealing effect is one of our most popular products.Against moisture, dirt and other atmosphere......

High Quality Broad Adheison Fast Curing 100% Rtv Silicon Mastic

Silicon Mastic * Wide Price Level * Acetate & Neutral Silicone Sealant * Short Leading Time * Stock Availa

construction mastic adhesive

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BitumenRubber Modified Hot Applied Mastic

Bitumen-rubber based, highly elastic, hot applicable masticate for both horizontal and vertical uses.

Caulk remover silicone mastic

Caulk remover silicone mastic 1.Economical Neutral Sealant 2.Non-acidic 3.Excellent adhesion

best price for waterproof mastic price for waterproof mastic 2. gives best performance on weather resistance,UV resistance,oxides resistance 3.non-solid

Heat-Resistant Glue, Mastic, Repair Mix, Adhesive

Heat-resisting silicate gluey mass (glue, mastic, repair mix) for fireplace and ovens. Operating temp. + 800- + 1000 C.

construction magic

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Bitumen - polymer hermetic, roof mastic

For pacing the places of joint of roof constructions


Isolation and used for the filling of the acrylic polymer-based installation work, is elestro-plastic structure. Aluminum, iron

silicone mastic

Recommended Model: CG2 Coloured Grout Please visit ousewer repair

POLYURETHANE MASTIC,Professional PU Foam Sealant Manufacturer

POLYURETHANE MASTIC 1,Stronger After Cure 2,Better Adhesion 3,Easy to use