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Crude oil Petroleum Product

We are working direct with major crude oil refinery here in Russian Federation,for further kindly contact us.

Petroleum Products

We are Direct Mandate to the Refinery to market petroleum products: D2, JP54, M100, LNG, LPG, DPK, BLCO Send to us your Order

oil drilling machine,well drilling machine,hydraulic drilling rig

1.oil well beam pumping unit 2.standard:API Spec 11E 3.prolong the usage life 4.oil rig drilling machine

air materials oil products

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Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil

Our company source's crude oil from Nigeria. We are interested in marketing our product of BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil).

Olives - Olive Oil

Olives Manzanilla Pitted 1 Container 1 Gallon - 15 Pallets 1/2 Gallon - 5 Pallets Call For Pricing


Our business is simple: We can supply any willing buyer from anywhere in the world with grade 1 Oil and Gas from our refineries.

FDA approved food grade non stick oil bho dab slick ball shaped silicone wax container dab bho oil

Food grade silicone container Oil slick silicone ball container Non-stick silicone wax container Silicone containers for dabs