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100cs new style plastic food container 2.easy to clear 3.beautiful coloful 4.low MOQ

Eco-friendly New Style Personalized Plastic Food Container

for Personalized Plastic Food Container 1)size:20.5*17.*8cm. 2)Certificate:FDA, SGS. 3)durable unbreakable recyled healthy

100% airtight and waterproof plastic food container with lids

100% airtight and waterproof plastic food container with lids 1.Airtight and waterproof 2.Stackable & nestable 3.Food grade

Mini peanut dehuller/peanut sheller/groundnut dehuller

low price high quality peanut sheller 1. small power 2. low rate of peanut crushing 3. high yield 4. high shell rate

2013 the best selling electric potato washer&peeler machine/potato peeling machine with stainless steel body 008613253417552

1.potato washer 2.High peeling rate and low breakage 3.Stainless steel body 4.Easy to change barrel and disk

food container sealer

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FS-600 vertical fast food container sealer

1. tray shape customizable: cup/box/bowl, etc 2. easy operation 3. SS304 4. Photoelectric color code tracking device

DBF-900 Automatic plastic container sealer

DBF-900 Automatic Continuous Band Sealer is suitable for small bags packaging and so on.

8M3 Bitumen and 12m3 stone container ICOM Brand Synchronous Chip Sealer for construction

synchronous chip sealer can spraying bitumen and stone together high quality good appearance

Plastic Container Sealers

1.Plastic Container Sealers 2.item:A8 bottle 3.Capacity:920ml water/1250g honey 4.Size:h17.5*d9.2*c6.5cm 5.Samples are free

New Plastic Food Container Sealer

Plastic food container sealer Ideal for food storage up to 5 times longer Protect against freezer burn,spoilage and odor CE

plastic container sealer

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PFS-350 plastic bag pedal plastic food container sealer

1. Work by pedal 2. Sealing width 8mm 3. Suit for sealing different material 4. Easy operate 5. Coding device by optional

plastic round and oval containers sealer,automatic cup sealing machine ,automatic sealing machine K-320

plastic round and oval containers sealer 1.Tough recycled plastic outresouring material 2.No leakage at all 3.automatic seal

DZ-T600*2 Rectangular container portable vacuum sealer

1. Brick-shap packager 2. Stainless steel body 3. Easy move and operate 4. Synthetic glass cover

food container sealer

The machine is used in PET/PP/PVC etc. sealing 1)By relay under auto mode 2)High capacity 3)Environmentally friendly

manual carton container sealer

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2014 new design Leak-proof fresh-keeping plastic food container sealer

food container sealer 1.Seals food directly on your own plates,bowls,platter 2.Eat fresher,eat healthier 3.Save more money

PE container sealer

1)easy operation, automatic 2)rejection packages for missing foil 3)sealing 10-60mm,600W 4)CE authenticated 5) factory

Plastic container sealer

plastic container sealer 2.CE approved 3.Easy to operate and maintain 4.factory price 5.Good after-sale service

portable plastic bottle sealer, food tray sealer , food container sealer,

1.vacuum electric food sealer 2.Best seal Stand Vacuum Food Sealer 3.Brand New-foodsaver vacuum sealing system