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Food Table Top Tray Sealing machine

1.OMRON PLC 2.304 Stainless Steel 3.The mould can be replaced easily 4.This tray sealer suitable for food packing

HS-200 manual tray sealer sealing machine for tray

machine is vey light and cheap easy to operate mould can be changed widely used in restaurant voltage can customize

food container sealer

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FS-600 vertical fast food container sealer

1. tray shape customizable: cup/box/bowl, etc 2. easy operation 3. SS304 4. Photoelectric color code tracking device

Automatic chemical container canning sealer

Canning sealer Original manufacturer 14 year experience supply complete can making production line

New Plastic Food Container Sealer

Plastic food container sealer Ideal for food storage up to 5 times longer Protect against freezer burn,spoilage and odor CE

hand impulse plastic container sealer

1. Plastic body 2. Copper or Alumnium transformer by optional 3.15-year producing experience 4. CE certification

plastic container sealer

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Y2756 New Hot Selling Food Container Sealer

Hot Selling Food Container Sealer New Design Hot Selling Food Container Sealer Hot Selling Food Container Sealer

Automatic induction plastic container sealer for production line

1) plastic container sealer 2) sealing 15-60mm/50-121mm 3) 120-280pcs/min 4) used for production line 5) work continuously

aluminum foil lid sealing machine food container sealer

1 tunnel type sensor 2 water cold, 4000W 3 CE certificate 4 20-150mm induction cap sealing machine

Plastic Container Sealers

1.Plastic Container Sealers 2.item:A8 bottle 3.Capacity:920ml water/1250g honey 4.Size:h17.5*d9.2*c6.5cm 5.Samples are free

manual carton container sealer

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food container sealer

The machine is used in PET/PP/PVC etc. sealing 1)By relay under auto mode 2)High capacity 3)Environmentally friendly

PressLid vacuum plastic food container sealer

plastic food container sealer 1. Easy to use and universal usage 2.Vacuum seal and keep real freshness 3.Save space and $$

New products 2014 clear plastic tube containers packaging sealer

1.clear plastic tube containers packaging sealer 2Free samples 3.Label &printing is possiable 4.Soft &squeez 5.color free