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carved copper panel

Galvanized, stainless steel,untreated Plain,Serrated,I-shape Excellent rust-proof property Bearing bar pitch:30,40,60mm ISO

Metal roofing sizes

metal roof skylight 1.Extremely lightweight 2. Against big wind and rain 3.environmental,,Econ

copper metal shingles roofing

High strength and heat treatable alloy Good mechanical properties Easy processing, good abrasive resistance

best color metal roof

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High quality metal building material manufacturer metal seam roof /roof construction/copper colored metal roof tile

1.roof construction 2.Overall size :1340*420mm/1170*420mm 3.Thickness:0.4mm(0.45 ,0.5mm) 4.Warranty time :50 years

copper colored metal roof(SECC,CE,SOLAR KEYMARK)

copper colored metal roof 1.EN12975&solar keymark 2.Anti-freezen & pressurized 3.5 Year Warranty 4.Deliver time:10days

Copper colored Metal Roof

Metal Roof 1.Extremely lightweight 2.Easy be installed 3.Against big wind and rain 4.Environmental, Economical

copper color metal ball

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Metal Roofing,Copper Colored Metal Roof,Unique Roofing Materials

Metal RoofingTile a, Lightweight b, Cost Savings c, Easy Installation e, Outstanding Durability and colorful

Industrial Aromatic Copper Colored Metal Roof

Copper Colored Metal Roof automatic equipment easy to operate and maintainace high precision

Copper Colored Metal Roof

Good weatherproof Roof Tiles, alu-zn steel basis. 1.Durability 30-50yrs. 2.Light,Beautiful and Economy 3.ClassA Roof 4.Safty