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copper metal shingles roofing

High strength and heat treatable alloy Good mechanical properties Easy processing, good abrasive resistance

color metal roofing screws

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Metal Roofing,Copper Colored Metal Roof,Unique Roofing Materials

Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tile Size: 1335*420mm, 2pcs/sm High durable, easy installation, windproof

copper colored metal roof-stone tile roofing made in china

size:1340*420mm,1170*420mm,1400*420mm,1300*420mm type:classical,modern classical,rainbow,wood,shingle HOT SALE WITH SONCAP,ISO

copper colored metal roof

Corrugated Steel Sheet *Any color can be produced *Any length can be made *type can be as buyer's need *Short delivery time

Copper Colored Metal Roof

Good weatherproof Roof Tiles, alu-zn steel basis. 1.Durability 30-50yrs. 2.Light,Beautiful and Economy 3.ClassA Roof 4.Safty

copper color metal ball

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Copper colored best used metal roofing S1 (hongtai)

1.used metal roofing 2.spanish style roof tiles 3.the products quality is very reliable 4.size310*310mm

High quality prices building materials roof sheets price per sheet/copper colored metal roofing

1.copper colored metal roofing 2.Overall size :1340*420mm/1170*420mm 3.Thickness:0.4mm(0.45 ,0.5mm) 4.Warranty time :50 years

copper colored metal roof

copper colored metal roof 1.Length:as your requirement 2.Width: 40-1250mm 3.Thickness:0.18-2mm 4.Color:RAL