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Copper Fibre

Copper wool in needle shape used for brake frictional material and conductive plastic

granulated copper slag for sand blasting

M/s. COPAG Abrasives & Minerals is one of the largest companies engaged in processing of copper slag in INDIA.

down jiont electrical conductivity red copper lump

1.Used for Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Switchgear, 2.Material:T2 copper, 3.All Specification are available 4.High quality

uses copper compounds of copper

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Copper Acetate Compound

We offer Copper Acetate Compound.

stainless steel buffing and polishing compound to copper alloy door clip folder

1.stainless steel buffing and polishing compound 2.Green Polishing Bar 3.S.S. Polishing Bar 4.White Polishing Bar 5.Blue pol

Flexible Pure Copper rubber insulated rubber compound for cable

rubber compound for cable 1.10years manufacture rubber cables,high quality, low price

7 strands Copper conductor Pvc Compound for wire and cable

1. Low Voltage Cable with 450/750V 2. Cu/PVC 3. PVC Insulation 4. 1.0 ~ 630 sqmm 5. IEC, VDE, BS, AS/NZS

u aluminium plat copper fin heatsink compound

1.Competitive price,best performance 2. Samples are available 3. Customized designs are accepted .

aluminum and copper compound

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Copper phthalocyanine intermediate compound

[Description]: deep turquoise blue powder

Customized Surface finish and flatness Tungsten -Copper heat sink compound

Relatively small density Stampable sheets available (Mo content not more than 75wt.%) Semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated)

anaerobic threadlocker Compound/Adhesive/copper screw

1.General Purpose Threadlocker Adhesive sealant 2.ISO9001,SGS 3. Can be removed by hand tools 4.General purpose for threa

High voltage Copper core xlpe compound

XLPE Power cable 1.Professional electric service provider 2.Reliable quality,favorable price 3.Strong capacity,fast delivery

insulated copper wire prices/pvc compound for wire and cable/ insulated copper wire 450/750V

pvc compound for wire and cable 1.UL approved, RoHS Complian 2 High temperature resistance,anti-acid,anti-oil,antisepsis

aluminium copper compound

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2014 flexible copper rubber insulated electrical wire rubber cable pvc compound for wire and cable

flexible cable 1,high quality,strictly tested 2.6 years manufacture experience 3.CCC, ISO9001certificate 4.Factory Price

Copper 0.6/1Kv Insulated and Armored pvc compound for wire and cable

pvc flexible cable 1.Best quality material 2.Armour avaliabe according to your requirement 3.PVC or PE, XLPE

high quality copper pipe heat sink,hardware product heat sink compound

hardware product heat sink compound 1)High-quality 2)Customized 3)Alloy is 6063 or 6061 4)Many kinds of surface treatment

pvc wire / pvc insulated copper wire/pvc compound for wire and cable

pvc coated wire 1.Wire Diameter: BWG 6# to 35# 2.PVC coated rate:0.6-1.0mm 3.Tensile strength: 40-85kg/mm