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Flexible Pure Copper rubber insulated heavy duty rubber cable

1 factory price 2 reply quickly 3 professional service

Super Flexible Rubber Insulated Copper Wire Rubber Cable

Copper Wire Rubber Cable 1.Certificate:CQC ,3C 2.Strict QC 3.99.95% purity copper conductor 4.Free sample

CE Certification 450/750KV Soft Copper Rubber Insulated Flexible Rubber Cable

SpecificationsVDE Rubber Cable. 1.Flexible cable. 2.12 years of OEM experience. 3. ISO.CCC.CE Certified

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ochre grinding compound for copper.

1.ochre grinding compound 2. Polish metal surface 3. stainess steel grind wax 4. match with cotton wheel

Spring Cone Crusher for Gravel / Stone / Compound / Granite ore

spring cone crusher 1.High quality products 2.Big crushing 3.Increased liner life 4.Lowest total cost


We mainly focus on scraps like LDPE, HDPE, Copper scrap, Lead bar, Steel wires and etc. In addition to these, we also deal with

6/6(7.2) kV MV/MT CU/XLPE/PVC Power Cable

Armoured Power Cable: 1 Voltage:Medium Voltage 2 Insulation: XLPE 3 Outer Sheath: PVC 4 Standard:IEC 60502, GB/T 12706

6/10(12)kV Aluminium Conductor XLPE lead Insulation PVC Outer Sheath Power Cable

6/10(12)kV CU/XLPE/PVC Power Cable: 1 Voltage:Medium Voltage 2 Insulation: XLPE 3 Outer Sheath: PVC 4 Standard:IEC 60502

China supplier Qrunning kukun outdoor central tube single jacket armored optical fiber cable network

1 Conductor: Copper (or Aluminium) 2 Insulation: XLPE 3 Outer Sheath: PVC (or PE) 4 Standard:IEC 60502-2, GB/T 12706-2008

uses copper compounds of copper

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copper sulphate fertilizer

Chelated Fertilizer 1.Compound Fertilizer 2.NPK/NK 3.Application:Agriculture 4.Purity:Many kinds of content

ISO9001 Manufacturer! zinc and copper sulfate

zinc and copper sulfate 1.ZnSO4:98%,99%Min 2.white crystal,powder and granule 3.industrial/feed/fertilizer grade

Copper Oxysulphate Fertilizer Granular 2-5mm

1. good quality with low impurities micro fertilizer 2. factory Competitive price 3. delivery timely

copper sulphate

Our company has been certified to:ISO9001:2000,FAMI-QS,and we can supply high purity and low heavy metal copper sulphate.

Copper Compound

A high temperature, extreme preasure, corrosion resistant, anti-seize compound and assembly lubricant.

Compound fertilizer-Zinc sulphate

Zinc Sulfate heptahydrate Industry grade 1).Packing:25 kg ppbags 2).Pb<10 ppm,As<5ppm 3).Classification:sulphate

aluminum and copper compound

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Hot sale high Quality Copper sulphate food grade

Hot sale high quality and best price copper sulphate food grade CERTIFIED COMPANY - HIGH QLT. ISO 9001:2008

Copper Sulphate for Fertilizer

Granular Copper Sulphate for Fertilizer CERTIFIED COMPANY - HIGH QLT. ISO 9001:2008

Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate Pentahydride %99 Fungisite

ANTI-SEIZE COPPER COMPOUND high temperature joint parts anti-seize compound

ANTI-SEIZE COPPER COMPOUND FUKKOL1.100% settle the difficulty of dismantle nozzle2.Withstand tempreture of -40 to 1100

2014 China Catalyst Copper Compounds For Pigment in Ceramic CuO

2014 China Top Grade Paint Copper Oxide Pigment 1.Cas No.:1317-38-0 2.Cupric oxide: 98% min 3. competitive price

aluminium copper compound

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Stranded Bare Copper PVC Compound For Wire And Cable

pvc compound for wire and cable 1.Stranded bare copper 2.PVC insulated electric wire 3.Cold resistace

Copper conductor and Pvc Compound for wire and cable

Pvc Compound for wire and cable 1 CU/PVC 2 Factory direct to sell 3 IEC,DIN,UL 4 ISO9001:2008

2014 flexible copper rubber insulated electrical wire rubber cable pvc compound for wire and cable

flexible cable 1,high quality,strictly tested 2.6 years manufacture experience 3.CCC, ISO9001certificate 4.Factory Price

Flexible Pure Copper rubber insulated rubber compound for cable

rubber compound for cable 1.10years manufacture rubber cables,high quality, low price

fast pvc compound for wire and copper cables price list

A.Wire size can be 500 mm2 B.Each process are tested,Quality Assurance C.Factory direct sales

Polyimide and Polyester Compound Film Covered Aluminum Wire and Copper Wires

Features: 1 Characteristic: high electrical voltage resistance 2Applications: reactor