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Copper hydroxide 96%Tech, 50% WP, 77%WP

1.96%Tech, 50% WP, 77%WP 2.Packing is as customer requirements 3.Manufacturer supplier 4.Competitive price

Copper hydroxide 77WP / 37.5%SC / 57.6%WDG fungicide factory

Copper hydroxide 77WP, 37.5%SC,57.6%WDG fungicide factory -FAO quality promise -Registration support -Timely shipment

Lambda Cyhalothrin 95%TC 5%EC 2.5%EC 10%WP

1.ISO and FAO approved 2.largest export team in China 3.well sold at overseas market 4.18 self-owned patents

blue copper fungicide

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Copper Hydroxide 90%TC/copper fungicide, copper products,can kill bacteria

*Copper Hydroxide 90%TC *Also Copper Hydroxide 85%WP *Excellent systemic Fungicide *Can kill bacteria *Stable quality

copper sulfate 98%TC fungicide,blue vitriol

Copper sulfate is an important raw material for making other copper compounds,also used for killing bacteria.

Copper oxychloride 98%TC,85%WP,50%WP,Copper oxychloride44%+Cymoxanil4%WP fungicide

1.competitive price; 2.superior quality delivery time; 4.nice package 5.high purity

copper hydroxide fungicide

1.Bule powder 2.Broad spectrum fungicide

copper fungicide prices

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Preventative fungicide copper oxychloride 90% TC, classic fungicide, pesticide

1.competive price 2. quick shipment 3. hot sale herbicide 4. good quality

copper oxychloride fungicide with factory price

copper oxychloride 90% TC green to bluish-green powder also 70%/50%WP

copper oxychloride fungicide

copper oxychloride fungicide 1.low price and good quality 2.promptly delivery

Copper(II) hydroxide Fungicide 97%TC 77%WP

Copper(II) hydroxide Selling in more than 15 countries High quality on competitive price Bulk and retail packing

Copper oxychloride 50%WP 77% WP77% WP, Fungicide 1332-40-7

Copper oxychloride 50%WP Copper oxychloride 77% WP Factory direct High Quality Professional label&packing design for you

Copper Hydroxide 50%WP,fungicide for orange,agrochemical manufacturer

Copper Hydroxide 50%WP,fungicide for orange Payment support and Flexible Payment terms Guarantee of production capacity

copper fungicide india

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Brown liquid copper hydroxide is an effective inorganic fungicide

1.Brown liquid copper hydroxide 2.Effective inorganic fungicide 3.CAS NO.: 20427-59-2

Copper Hydroxide

Blue powder. Catalyst, mordant, pigment, feed additives, paper dyeing agents

fungicide copper oxychloride 90% TC, CAS 1332-40-7, chemical pesticide

*copper oxychloride 90% TC *green to bluish-green powder *also 70%/50%WP *CAS 1332-40-7 *Registraion support

BIOCOPP ( Liquid Copper)

Liquid copper Copper nutrition Copper fungicide

Copper Hydroxide 77% WP in fungicide

1.Composition: Copper Hydroxide 77% 2.Formulation: WP 3.SGS, FOA Standard