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New Type blade Textile cloth pleating machine(Professional Manufacture)

blade Textile cloth pleating machine 1.factory 2.material:high quality steel 3.purpose:widely used in fabric

Brand New Multi-function Packing Machine 0086-136 3382 8547

Multi-function Packing Machine 1.Main part is made of SUS 2.Pillow Type pack 3.used for food,medicine,hardware,

New Type Oil Pressure Staple Nail Forming Machine(J,N,K nail)

Office Nail Making Machine nail type: J type machine type: hydraulic CE certificate

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Cotton candy Automatic Packing Equipment System

1.productive and energy-saving; 2.fully automatic process,easy for trouble-shooting,maintenance and other benefits.

vertical cotton candy packing machine

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CE Certified Cotton Candy Packaging Machine

Cotton candy packing machine Gusset bag could be made Volumetric cup device CE & ISO 9001 certificate Stainless steel 304

marshmallow ,candy floss, cotton candy packing machinery ALD-250X (Upgraded)

down-paper packaging machine food packaging year warranty. 2.good aftersells servces 3. CE certification

Horizontal cotton candy packing machines (candies wrapping equipment)

cotton candy wrapping machine 1.CE High stability 2.Competitive price 3.Easy operate

High Efficient JHHS-160 cotton candy packing machine

JHHS-160 packing machine 1.Packing speed:30-100 bags/min 2.Measuring range:50-500ml

plantain chips packing machine,cotton candy packing machine,automatic puffed rice packing machine

1.Made by full stainless steel 2.Full-automatic 3.Pass the CE 4.Meet QS and GMP requirement 5.Mature technology

cotton candy packing machine

packing machine High speed,up to 60bag/min Siemens PLC control+Siemens color HIM Servo motor drawing film

mini candy packing machine

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XFL Automatic cotton candy packing machine

The machine is suitable to pack anomalous solid and the granule material, such as: puff snack food, potato chips, crispy rice.

MK-250B automatic pillow cotton candy packing machine

MK-250B automatic pillow cotton candy packing machine Suitable for biscuits, rice, snow cake, pie, chocolate toothtic ...

China top supplier cotton candy packaging machine

cotton candy packaging machine 1)All stainless steel 2)Photoelectric control 3)Real-time control 4)Good after-sales

Cotton candy packaging machine CYW-120C

1.customizable 2. high speed 3.Automatic

cotton candy packing machine MY-60KW New

cotton candy packing machine MY-60KW New 2.Bigest Size Packiagng Machinery 3.Gain CE

high speed servo control cotton candy packaging machine Alibaba

cotton candy packaging machine Alibaba 1. max 450 packs/min 2. servo type, stable and accurate 3. no product, no bag

high speed candy packing machine

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Low price automatic cotton candy packing machine

candy packing machine are produced to wrap pretty much any product.example bar,bread, fresh produce, Snack,food etc.

Cotton Candy Packaging Machine

Cotton Candy Packaging Machine Packing speed:30-60bag/min Advance micro computer control Material:304stainless steel

Automatic SH800A cotton candy packing machine

1.PLC controlling system 2.Speed:800 pcs/min 3.Various candy shape 4.Frequency converter 5.Automatic feeding

COMPETITIVE PRICE jelly candy packing machine/cotton candy packing machines

cotton candy packing machines 1.package powder,granule, peanuts, ec 2.frequency conversion 3.PLC 4.CE

Best Design for Cotton Candy Packaging Machine

Best Design for Cotton Candy Packaging Machine 1.low noise 2.with alarming 3.full automatic 4.competitive price

Stainless steel cotton candy packing machine

cotton candy packing machine 1.Adjustable temperature control 2.Over-temperature protection device 3.With a handy tool