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New Design!big door shrimp cage

this trap cage are new design products,easy to open and move fish,shrimp,crayfish out

Professional Crab Trap/Crab Pot

Professional CrabTrap 1. Net 30Ply PE net 2. Ring: 10mm " Galvanized" 3. Upright: Aluminum 4. With Pull cord up/bottom

Fish Trap Shrimp Ell Crab Trap

Crab trap --net trap- trap-Fish trap We can produce any style as your request

fishing crab trap ;lobster trap in hot sale

fishing trap different size as request, 60x45x25cm or other size fish trap are made of plastic coated wire with pe net

5.0mm longline rope

5.0mm longline rope 1. Polyester 8braid rope 2. Stainless steel Crane Swivel 4/0 3. Brass steel stopper

crab cages plastic

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multi-tier fishing crab cage

Cage size:30x60cm,40x80cm,60x105cm ..... Mesh size:2cm,2.5cm..... Diameter of steel wire:3.8mm.. Superior quality cheap price

fish cage trap, deep sea crab trap, deep sea crab cage

crab trap, size:95*45*40cm, using in shallow sea to deep sea, different areas and different seasons for all kinds of sea food.

6.5" Enter Dia Spring Metal Frame Shrimp Trap Fishing Net Cage, crab cage

We supply high quality Eel cage, Crab Cage, Fishing Cage,fishing trap. made by plastic covered steel frame & PE net.

aquaculture crab cages

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High quality and good price C6 Loop wire folding crab trap

High quality and good price C6 Loop wire folding crab trap

Lobster Crab Fishing Net Cage

Supply Foldable 40cm x 80cm Solid Color Well-designed Minnow Fishing Trap Crab Cage Cast Nets

stainless steel fishing crab round crab traps

stainless steel fishing crab round crab traps Coated Steel Wire 3 Tunnel Entrances Internal Bait Box 4.25aa X 2 Escape Ring

Crab Traps

Crab Traps: 1. Shape: Oval, Opera House, Round 2. Material: Steel Frame, Nylon Net 3. MOQ: 200PCS

cheap folding catching crab cage made in China

catching crab cage wire frame nylon mesh folding fish trap

folding crab cage

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knotted crab trap fish cage

1.The crab trap can different type. 2.The crab trap durable. 3.The crab trap can foldable.

crab cage

1.hand making 2.good material(steel and PE) 3.make by fisherman

fisher traps/crab traps

traps diameter size:30cm-90cm steel wire with plastic coated mesh size:1cm 2cm or as required

folding Crab Cage

1.Solid and efficient 2.Easy to transport 3.Galvanized steel wire surfacing plastic sheath 4.strict quality control

Crab Trap

Crab Trap1. Over 10years experience2. Export to the European