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Disc Harrow with massey ferguson tractor

Pakistan Offset Disc Harrow has a heavier weight per Disc and thus have the penetration ability to break down large clods

HR-1BQX-1.9 garden tractor disc harrow

garden tractor disc harrow 1.matched power:30-40hp 2.working width:1.9m 3.depth:0.14m 4.Dia. of disc(mm):460

soil aluminum

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farm implements disc plough, disc plow

Disc plough:1LY No.of disc(pic):3-6 Dia.of disc(mm):660/710 Disc harrow Max.working width(m)0.75-1.50

Rotary Tillers Farm Implement

This rotary tiller is a tractor PTO driven machine used for pudding the soil before rice transplantation, chopping and mixing

Agricultural machines,Farm implements,Disc harrow

This series are used for crushing clods after tillage, preparing soil before seeding, loosening the soil, combining the soil..

Top quality LCBB tractor implements disc harrow

Simple structure High efficiency High quality Reasonable price

ALI HOT AND TOP SALE farm tractor implements

ALI HOT AND TOP SALE farm tractor implements 1.working width:450mm 2. working depth:180mm 3. diameter of disc:460mm

High Quality 168FA 4 Stroke Engine Cosmos Cultivator Implement

high quality 168FA 4 stroke engine Cosmos cultivator implement 1.with reverse. 2.working width :55cm. 3.metal blades

soil companies

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Agriculture implement tire 7.50-20 made in china tire

R1 Tractor tires 1.Fuel Saving 2.Time Saving 3.Increase yield 4.Wide Sizes Range Available

farm cultivator Longjiang machine TM130 type suit 30-35HP

farm cultivator Longjiang machine TM130 type suit 30-35HP with different till width Height adjustable skids for depth control

kubota tractor cultivator

kubota tractor cultivator 1. European Style 2. CE Approved 3. Heavy duty gear drive

farm implement plough moldboard plougn,four plough

This plow is suitable for the loam, the sandy soil area ripe dry farmland cultivation. It has the structure to be simple