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Portable pvc pipe cutter

Portable PVC pipe cutter: Manual cutting tools for plstic pipes, and with special blades (TC 108 and T1) can cut Copper

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Automatic nonwoven strips cutter

Wax strips cutter from nonwoven rolls Front and back labelling Stacks packaging 6 stacks (50 strips each stack) per minute

XPS and EPS CNC hot wire foam cutter - LYNX T2 - house molding stucco facade

CE certified, 2000x1000x1000 cutting area, automatic wire tensioning system, professional design and steerage software included

Wholesale colorful stainless steel pizza wheel cutter BS-PIC001A

Pizza wheel cutter 1. Food grade material 2. Soft handle 3. Customized logo 4. For promotion

D-CUT MR-630 25" Pro Multi-flooring Cutter

1.Angle Cutting and Lengthwise Cutting 2.Extruded aluminum base 3.Extendible handle