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Automated External Defibrillator

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Accurate and reliable ECG Analysis Semi-Automatic Operation Mode Motion Detection Pace Maker

Portable AED7000 automated external defibrillator heartstart defibrillator

heartstart defibrillator Non-synchronizer: outlife defibrillator monophasic wave CE Certificate

Handheld Defibrillator And ECG Pads

1.Handheld Defibrillator And ECG Pads 2.Nine different scenarios are available. 3.Multiple language selections are available.

aed defibrillator battery

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Defibrillator 12V 2800mah Li-ion battery with DC charger for medical battery

12V 2800mah Li-ion battery with DC charger Japan&Korea cells Rechargeable 800 times Safer,more stable OEM welcome

Medical equipment/defibrillation apparatus/monitor infusion pump lithium-ion batteries 11.1V 2200mAh

1.High energy density 2.Pollution-free 3.Long cycle life 4.No memory effect 5.Low self discharge

LC-S2912NK Battery for Defibrillator

LC-S2912NK Battery for Defibrillator - 100% compatible replacement battery - 12 months warranty

AED battery

Non-rechargeable battery

Certificated 18650 4400mah 11.1v / 12v li-ion battery pack for defibrillation apparatus

12v li-ion battery 4400mah 1.Professional Super A quality 2.Factory price&seiko PCB&A grade quality 3.OEM service 4.CE/ROHS

Biphasic Technology/Rechargeable lead-acid battery/Built-in Printer Optional/Defibrillator with Monitor

1ECG/ RESP, /SPO2,/TEMP,/PR,/NIBP/DEFIBRILLATOR 2.Manual, Synchronized, Asynchronized 3..Built-in Printer opetional

battery 751

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(CE and ISO Manufacturer) New Defibrillator Trainer

New AED Defibrillator Trainer 8/10 training scenarios Bilingual, more than 16 language for choice OEM scenarios

LTD7000T Aed automated external defibrillator trainers

1.Aed automated external defibrillator trainers 2.Biphasic energy output 3.Two-button operation 4.outlife difibrillator 5.CE

FM-8500C high quality hospital use defibrillator price

defibrillator price 1.Manual, Asynchronized 2.Li-ion battery 3.100V~240V,50Hz 4.Standard Adult/Pediatric Paddle

bd50 battery

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Auto External Defibrillator AED7000

Defibrillator Three-step defibrillation process Two-button operation Extensive voice and visual prompts for the operator

Monophasic aed automated external defibrillator

Charging time :at 360J less than 10 sec Paddle options :reusable extermal adult paddles(pediatric paddles integrated)

LTD7000 CE portable clinic automatic external defibrillator for family

1. clinic automatic external defibrillator 2.ECG analytical technique 3.portable 4.easy to use 5.CE ISO OEM

MCS-AED7000-P Portable Biphasic AED Defibrillator

1.Portable Biphasic AED Defibrillator 2.Daily&Monthly Self-testing 3.Two-button operation, according to the 2010 AHA guideline

Selling Hospital Medical Portable Automated External Defibrillator Monitor(SP700)

Selling Defibrillator Monitor 1.ISO/TUV,CE Certificates 2.First-Aid Devices 3.Good quality and competitive price

first aid aed defibrillator price

defibrillator 1. portable defibrillator 2. external defibrillator 3. CE approved