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JT-7-II Gold metal detector

JT-7-II Gold metal detector 1.Full-Automatic metal dedector 2.PLC control 3.Gold metal detector 4.Through the CE

Best Gold Metal Detecting Long Range TEC-4500

Gold metal detector TEC-4500 1,High sensitivity 2,Double operating mode 3,Detect and distingush the gold 4,Light save

High Quality Magnet Needle Detector TEC-QD

High Quality Magnet Needle Detector TEC-QD 1.Dual-loop design 2.Detect methods:magnetic induction 3.satisfied the U.S FDA

Waterproof metal detector underwater 10meters for gold detector and treasure hunter MD1029 MD-1029

Waterproof Function metal detector underwater 10meters Gold detector treasure hunter MD1029 MD-1029

AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

1.AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 2.Warranty:12 month 3.Delivery time: 2-4 weeks after received your payment

VR1000B 15m long range gold, diamond detector

1. Manufacturer of diamond detector 2. Years experience of OEM service 3. best price and best quality 4. reliable cooperation

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VR9000 long range gold detector deep search underground metal detector diamond detector

VR9000 long range metal gold mine silver detector meterDetecting Range 100m-1500mdiamond detector

metal detector long range gold diamond detector

gold diamond detector1.professional manufacturer 2.detector for metal3.90m detection depth

MD3003B1 Hand held metal detector,diamond detector

diamond detector hand hledLED power indication adjustable sensitivity best metal detectorEasy use,gold metal detector

long range diamond detector VR5000

1. Long Range Metal Detector2. Advanced detector of FORWARD GAUSS series3. Max Detector Range: 1500m

gold detector , gold mine detector , underground diamond detector Explorer

Explorer 1.high sensitivity 2.Detect 20m underground3.finding gold silver copper diamond4.Detect 1000m distance

diamond detector depth

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diamond detector

Diamond Tester II, good quality, quick accurate readings to determine if a stone is a real diamond or a fake

MD3010II Portable Underground 3D Diamond Detector

MD-3010II Underground 3D Diamond detector 1.Fully automated metal detectors 2.Waterproof search coil 3.Detect depth:1-3M

Metal Gold Diamond Detector VR1000B-II

metal detector 1.good price & good quality 2.long range&deep depth 3.CE, ROHS, ISO9001 Certificate

Portable Underground Gold Detector/Diamond detector/handheld metal detector MD3003B1

MD-3003B1 is a universal-type hand-held metal detectors, cost-effective, stable performance.

3D Diamond Detector

3D Diamond Detector Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case Features:Penetration depth up to 25 meters

2014 New Arrival !! 90m Detection Depth Long Range PRO-5050 Gold Diamond Detector

diamond detector 1.professional manufacturer 2.detector for metal 3.90m detection depth

diamond detector gold

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VR3000 undergroud Diamond Detector

Metal Detector handheld GROUND SEARCH METAL DETECTOR FORWARD GAUSS VR3000 Underground Search Gold Detector mine detector Diamond

AKS Accurate Gold ,Silver metal and Diamond Detector

1.detect accurate 2.easy operate 3.factory price 4. quick delivery

metal detector AKS series can detect gold,silver,diamond and copper etc. digital diamond detector AKS series

1.diamond, gold,silver,copper all function metal detector 2. Search range: 800M 3. Detecting depth: 14M

HOT!!! Long Range Diamond Detector VR9000 to Africa

1. Max Detection: 80m 2. Detect Range: 100-2000m 3. Rechargeable Battery: Continuous working 48 hours 4. Power: 850mA

diamond detector MD4500 / MD5000 cheap metal detector

diamond detector 1.Detector depth:2-7m 2.LCD display machine to look for gold

RAIDER-II diamond detector with CE confrimed

diamond detector: 1 complete model 2 English panel, easy operation 3 ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 confirmed

gold copper diamond detector

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DDC-8 Diamond Detector use in IP way

Electronic Auto-Compensation Instrument is widely used in finding water.

best gold metal detector Gold detecting machine, gold diamond detector TEC-5000 under ground metal detector

Under Ground Metal Detector TEC-5000 1.LCD display 2.distinguish ability 3.detect disk:11 inch 4.1-5m detecting depth

Metal Gold Diamond Detector VR1000B-II

Maximum continuous power: 850 mA Operating humidity: 0-95% Weight: about 4 kg

Underground diamond detector

1.diamond detector 2.Target pinpoint 3.Open face lightweight 8" coil 4.2014 new 5.Unwanted Target Elimination

Raider-II Long Range Metal Detector Diamond Detector Special Price! Gold Silver Copper Diamond Remote gold detector

Raider-II Deep Searching Metal Detector can detect Gold, Silver,Copper,Lead,Tin and Diamond Remote gold detector

High Sensitivity Deep Earth Gold Diamond Detector MD-2010

MD-2010 underground gold detector with 1.5-2m detection depth and stable performance,simple and cheaper one