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Animal Feed Additives Humic Acid Sodium Salt

Appearance: black powder Size: 100-120mesh Water-solubility: 100% Humic Acid (dry base): 55%-60% PH: 9-11

Sukab Probiotic Feed Additive For Weight Gain,Feed Additive For Weight Gain,Poultry Feed Additive,Animal Feed Additive

probiotics for fattening pigs 1.Appearance: brown powder 2.Colony count: 2 billion CFU/g 3.Odor: slight fermented flavor

Improve chicken chicken digest animal feed additive steel grit

1.Improve chicken chicken digest 2Improve gastric motility 3Improve feed operating factor 4ISO9001 5Improve trace element

Animal Feed additive Xylanase 200,000U/g

Animal Feed Additive-Enzyme Power Xylanase 200,000U/g 1. thermostable and storing stable 2. friendly to environment

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Animal feed Soya meal

Product : Soya meal Type : Normal soyameal , : Hypo Soya meal , : soya Grits Protein % : 44%,50%

Sunflower Meal, Wheat Brans Pellets

We offer sunflower meal and soybean meal,sugar beet pulp in pellets and not granules

soybean meal for animal feed for good quality

soybean meal for animal feed for good quality Export Quality Delivery in time Affordable Price Easily Digestible for animals

Soyabean Meal

Soybean Cake is the grounded form of Soybean Chips, which is the product after most of the oil is extracted from whole soybeans

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