displacement tranducer

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NAWS-DISP1 Displacement Sensor Calibrator

This displacement calibrator is designed for the calibration of displacement sensors.

RF2000A high precision electronic digital level for guided wave radar side mounted signal probe external caged displacer

1. guided wave probe rod diverse mounting types 2. for liquid,powder,granular material level 3. stable performance 4. HART

Oval Gear Positive Displacement type Crude Oil Flowmeter mechanical type

1. CE,ISO9001,BV approved 2. Warranty for 12 months 3.Pulse output 4.Wide measuring range 5.Favourable price

Car Seat Bumps Creep Test Machine

1.Car Seat Bumps Creep Test Machine 2.Can set test waveform amplitude, frequency, average 3.Working frequency:0.001-20Hz