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2014 hot-sale impact dot pos printer

impact dot pos printer High quality,low cost Low-noise,high-speed Support cash drawer driving Small,light

Impact dot pos printers from factory for hospital

pos printers from factory 1.High speed bluetooth printer 2.Pos terminal printer 3.With Label,ticket,barcode 4.58mm,80mm

Hospital use impact dot pos printer

1.Appearance delicate,Light weight structure,Easy paper loading, structural design, simple operation. 2. Parallel+USB interface

Supermarket Impact cheap POS printer, with windows driver

Thermal cheap POS printer 1. Semi-auto paper loading 2. Selectable auto cutter 3. Paper end sensor 4. with RS-232/Parallel

Win8 Serial Impact dot POS printer

Impact dot POS printer 1.c 4.4 lines/s 2. USB+Serial 3.76mm 4.Auto Cutter

High Quality Omni Directional Scanner (Omni-352)

1. Dual Scan Barcode Scanner (Omni/Single-line) 2. 1650 scans lines/sec (Omni-Mode) 3. 80 scan lines/sec (Single-Line mode)

arrival documentation

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wireless communication 2 inch portable dot m atrix printer ESC/POS

2 inch portable dot matrix printer 1.RS-232, Bluetooth, Ir/Ra 2.58mm 3.5.5mm/s, 1.2line/s(average) 4.5 dots/mm,240 dots/line

Eco Document Dots Nonwoven Bag For Daily Use

dots nonwoven 1.7 year manufacture experience, professional 2.Material:Non-woven 3.width:10-240cm 4.weight:10-200g

velcro hook dots

velcro hook dots 1.With great holding power 2.Easy on/off 3.Paste to anywhere,easy DIY job

dot headphone

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felt floor protector chair foot protector self adhesive felt dots

1,self adhesive felt dots 2, factory passed ISO 3, to prevent scrathing when moving. 4.samples available

black white round adhesive nylon hook and loop dot

nylon hook and loop dot 1. Hook and loop velcro tape 2. Self adhesive 3. Fasten thins, keep your house in good order

removable double sided adhesive sticker dots

removable double sided adhesive sticker dots 1.large load capacity 3.facotory passed ISO9001:2008 sample

low price FH-730 80- Column stylus printer/ Document Printer/Dot Matrix Printer

1.low price FH-730 80- Column stylus printer/ Dot Matrix Printer 2.Super copy capability ( 1 original + 6 copies)

Documents Impact Printer Dot Matrix DP8340

Documents Impact Printer - DP8340 series

documents travel

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dot matrix portable printer

dot matrix portable printer 1RS232,IrDA/Raw IR,Bluetooth,mini USB port 2.barcode printing

Jolimark FP-8800K dot matrix printer

It has very high speed & durability to handle relentless daily printer demands of everywhere from banks to freight forwarders.

dots red document bag

1.Easy to carry 2.For inductive pencil 3.Can folding, Save Space 4.high quality,good delivery day 5.Beautiful, simple,taste

USB powered 600 DPI duplex portable scanner mobile scanner for A4 size documents.

Manufacturer.The TDP487 is the lightweight duplex mobile scanner for document and photos ,powered using only the USB port.

Document 9-Pin POS Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

9-Pin POS Dot Matrix Receipt Printer 1. Serial impact dot-matrix print 2. POS printer 3. 4.5 line/sec 4. Multi languanges

Parallel interface dot m atrix POS printer manufacturers in China

Dot matrix POS printer manufacturers 1.RS-232/Parallel/USB/Ethernet 2.76mm;58mm 3.Auto Cutter 4.DC 24V, 1A