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Angelica Sinensis (dong Quai)extract/ Ligustilide China Supplier

1.Dong Quai Extract 2.7years experience of plant extract sample,competitive price 4.prompt delivery

Pure Chinese Angelica //Dong Quai Extract

angelica extract 1% ferulic acid 1% Ligustilide/ lactone Ratio Extract :5:1 10:1 20:1 Free Sample by factory supply

Angelica ( Dong Quai) extract with 1% Ligustilide

1. Angelica (Dong Quai) extract 2. GMP manufacture 3. 13 years experience 4. Free sample

dong quai extract powder

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GMP factory supply 100% natural angelica/dong quai extract

GMP factory supply 100% natural angelica/dong quai extract Free sample and quick delivery 100% nature and steady

dong quai extract/dong quai root extract/dong quai extract ligustilide

dong quai extract/dong quai root extract/dong quai extract ligustilide Angelica.sinensis Ligustilide 1% 7:1 Free samples

Angelica Extract dong quai extract

dong quai Extract Typical Specification: 1% Ferulic Acid, 1% Ligustides Latin Name: Angelica.sinensis(oliv.) Diels Angelica

Ligustilide 0.6% HPLC Yellow Brown Powder Dong quai extract

1)0.6% Ligustilides light-yellow powder 2)100% Natural GMO Free No Pollution 3) Free Sample & Large stock 4)Test Method:HPLC

UHT Steam Treated Dong Quai Extract

1.Appearance:Yellow brown powder 2.Factory Price 3.Prompt Delivery 4.Free Sample 5.GMP (NSF,USA)

dong quai extract ligustilide/Chinese angelica extract

1,dong quai extract ligustilide/Chinese angelica extract 2, GMP 3,Ligustilide 1% HPLC 4,Min order:1kg 5,24/7 best Service

dong quai extract 10:1

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Chinese angelica extract/simply angelica extract/dong quai extract powder

high quality dried angelica sinensis slice and whole is available raw medical herbs professional service GMP certificate

dong quai extract ligustilides / angelica/dong quai extract

1.dong quai extract 2. 20%,50%,90%,95% or ratio extract 3.Five years export experience 4.GMP,ISO,KOSHER 5Fast Delivery

Angelica Extract / Dong Quai Extract

Angelica Extract 1. Spec. 1%ligustilides 2. Botanical source: root 3. Free samples 4. HACCP,KOSHER,GMP,ISO

NATURAL Angelica Extract / Dong Quai Extract

NATURAL Angelica Extract / Dong Quai Extract Angelica sinensis Fine brown powder Specs: 5:1 10:1 20:1

angelica dong quai extract/dong quai powder extract/angelica extract

1.100% Pure Natural 2. 1% Ligustilide 3.Professional service&price 4.Manufacture supply 5.long term stable supply

100% Natural Dong Quai Extract/ Ligustilide 1%

Ligustilide Dong Quai Extract Also known as Chinese Angelica 100% Natural Resource Ligustilide: 1%

dong quai extract capsule

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angelica/dong quai extract

Angelica extract (dong quai extract) Source: angelica sinensis Used part: root Spec.: ligustilide 1% by HPLC

Dong Quai extract

1,Dong Quai extract ligustilide CAS: 4431-01-0 2, Specification:3:1/Ligustilide 1.0% HPLC 3, ligustilide powder

Best quality Dong Quai extract/ ligustilide

1. ISO, GMP, HACCP, KOSHER, ORGANIC certified 2. Professional service, free sample. 3. Fast shipment 4. Export to EU&USA

Angelica Extract /Dong Quai Extract

1,100% Natural product, without any Synthetic ingredient. 2, Manufacturer direct supply. 3,free sample 4,Prompt delivery

Dong quai extract in herbal extract

Angelica/Dong Kuai extract 1% ligustilideHPLC Product type: Yellow powder Extract method: Ethanol extract

High quality Dong Quai Extract

Product : Dong Quai Extract Powder / Dong Quai P.E. Spec.: Liguistlide1% ,Ferulic acid 0.1%,1%