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sealant for vinyl tiles tire sealant with air compressor

tire sealant with air compressor Good adhesion on most materials Sealing between door / window frames and walls.


ABC 650 FIRESTOP ACRYLIC SEALANT is water-borne intumescent acrylic sealant.

MC-808 Colofil Sealant

Water Clean Up , Paintable , Superior Durability , Good Resistance To Weathering

firestop duct sealant

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acetic silicone sealant/ acrylic-based silicone sealant supplier/ ducting silicone sealant

acetic silicone sealant silicone sealant for construction household silicone sealant cheap acid silicone sealant silicone

duct sealant for facotry

1. excellent weather fastness 2. uviofast property 3. possess gain low and high temperature 4. aging resistance

Colorized duct sealant

duct sealant 1.Material:Polyurethane 2.Auto windshield body polyurethane sealant 3 ISO16949 SGS

duct elastic rtv silicone sealants

duct elastic rtv silicone sealants 1)Suitable for Cladding, Curtain Wall, 2)Aluminum Composite Panel 3)durability, virtually

duct sealant manufacturers

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COJSIL-GM Neutral silicone sealant duct sealant

1.One part,neutral silicon metal sealant 2.Permanently flexible, low odor application 3.Good bonding to metal,coated glass,

Kafuter Kitchen Duct Sealant

duct sealant a.long mouldproof,permanent sealing b.neutral,no corrosion c.environmental, use in kitchen d.300ml

air duct sealant

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Jorle Kitchen Duct Sealant

ZR706 silicone sealant manufacturer using imported raw materials and ingredients.

Zahabiya Soft Seal Special ZSP-1191 HVAC Duct Sealant

Zahabiya Soft Seal Special is a high quality acrylic based flexible sealant for seam joint sealing of HVAC ducts.

acrylic sealant for construction duct sealant

duct sealant Water based Mildew resistance

Duct Sealant

Duct Sealant used in a wide variety of engineering and construction applications

Acrylic Sealant- TRITOSIL A20

High Quality Duct Acrylic sealant

186 Special sealant for fuel-gas pipeliness

1.Medium strength,Good resistance against media 2.fill-up clearance(mm):0.13 3.With a pressure capacity of 20Mpa