calcium intermediates

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duloxetine Intermediate (S)-(-)-N,N-Dimethyl-3-hydroxy-3-(2-thienyl)propanamine 132335-44-5

1.purity 99% White to off- white powder 2.reliable supplier high quality 3.competitive price 4.CAS no:132335-44-5

duloxetine intermediate

GMP (LSFDA) US DMF completion COS Certificate 5 years experience

(CAS:132335-44-5) duloxetine intermediate

Duloxetine intermediate CAS:132335-44-5 Appearance: white powder

Manufacturer supply high purity chemical dexamethasone intermediates, anti-allegic agent

1.High quality with competitive price 2.Manufacturer supply 3.100% natural 4.In stock 5.Fast delivery

duloxetin & intermediates

duloxetin intermediates CAS:132335-47-8 Purity:99% min Use:Antidepressant medicine

anti-infective intermediate

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(CAS:5424-47-5)duloxetine intermediate

Duloxetine intermediate CAS:5424-47-5 Appearance: white powder

Duloxetine Intermediate CAS NO.: 132335-47-8

High quality/service Reliable price High-integrity

High quality Duloxetine intermediates Fluoronaphthalene 321-38-0

1.product:Fluoronaphthalene 2.CAS NO:321-38-0 3.Reliable supplier 4.High quality 5.Competitive price

(R)-Duloxetine CAS no 116539-60-7 enterprisendard Intermediates & Fine chemicals

Specifications (R)-Duloxetine 1.Factory qualified FDA approved. 2.High quality