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IAD with 2 ports FXS gateway intergrated access device(iad)

SinoV-200I 2FXS VOIP IAD adapter is a multi-function voice/fax/data access IAD,IAD supports standard SIP protocol.

Digital Mini E1 Media Gateway NC-MG900C with 1/2 E1 ports ISDN PRI/SS7/V5.2/R2

1)2 E1, provide transform between SS7, PRI signaling and SIP Protocol; 2)Media transfer between PSTN and IP network 3)T.38 Fax

4 FXS port VoIP Voice gateway support SIP protocol

1)SinoV-400I 4FXS voice IAD is a multi-function voice/fax/data access IAD 2)supports standard SIP protocol,H323 protocal