anionic polyscrylamide pam

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Anionic flocculant PAM

Polyacrylamide (PAM) 1)Easy to dissolve; 2)High efficiency; 3)High molecular weight ; 4)Certificate:ISO9001:2000

China export water PAM 90%

1.water pam Polyacrylamide PAM 2. Easy to dissolve time 40min. 3. High molecular weight and purity 4.Used paper,sludge,etc.

Sewage treatment flocculant fm0069 Cationic PAM

Cationic polymer /Polyacrylamide PAM 1 High molecular weight 2.Best Price,first quality... 3. Easy to dissolve

Anionic flocculant polyacrylamide,cheap PAM used for water treatment,polyacrylamide(PAM)

1. No color, no taste, no toxic 2. CPAM /APAM /HCPAM /NPAM 3. Easy to dissolve, fast dissolve in water

NPAM water soluble pam

NPAM water soluble pam 1.Easy to dissolve 2.High efficiency 3.Flocculation rapidly

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High effective Flocculant Polyacrylamide PAM for oilfield drilling well

Polyacrylamide PAM: 1.Pass:ISO9001:2000 2.Easy to dissolve 3.High efficiency 4.High molecular

Cationic PAM for industrial waste plant

1) High purity 2) Easy water-soluble 3) High viscosity 4) Reasonable price,good quality 5) Excellent service

polyacrylamide/pam for oil waster water treatment

1. polyacrylamide /pam for oil waster water treatment 2.High efficient, easy to dissolve 3.Anionic, cationic and nonionic.

Designer hotsell sewage treatment chemical pam

sewage treatment chemical pam 1. Green product 2. Easy for operating 3. Low investment&High quality 4.Plywood

polyacrylamide PAM

polyacrylamide pam 1.High molecualr weight 2.Easy to dissolve 3.Low cost, competitive price 4. Free sample

easy semi washing machine

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polyacrylamide pam

It is a kind of vitreous solid and easy to absorb water.

Polyacrylamide PAM for water treatment

1. Easy to dissolve 2. Good flocculation, wide PH range 3. Free sample 4. Low cost


smt parts 1.accurate work 2.make the process easy 3.high-efficient service

waste paper news pams

1.PAM msds for water treatment 2. Easy to dissolve time 40min. 3. High molecular weight and purity 4.Used paper,sludge..

polyacrylamide flocculant PAM,polyacrylamide material manufacturer,cheap polyacrylamide additive

There are four types of polyacrylamide: anionic, cationic , nonionic type and Cationic - Anionic.

Competitive price Flocculant Polyacrylamide PAM for heavy metal waste water

Polyacrylamide 1.Pass:ISO9001:2000 2.Easy to dissolve 3.High efficiency