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PHPA(PAM) Large stock

free sample factory price fast delivery


PAM Polyacrylamide, is one of the best flocculant used in Oil Driling,Water Treatment,Mineral Processing,Paper industry.

anionic polyscrylamide pam

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superior quality cationic PAM /CPAM for treating waste water

1. Easy to dissolve 2. High efficiecny 3. For water treatment 4. Timely delivery

High Molecular Weight Anionic polyacrylamide pam for Oil field

Polyacrylamide PAM 1)Easy to dissolve 2)High efficiency 3)reasonal Price, best quality 4)Free samples

Discount!! water treatment chemicals Polyacrylamide /cationic PAM, Anionic PAM

Polyacrylamide PAM 1.Easy dissolve in water 2. High visicosity 3. SGS inspection 4. Professional team contorl quality

widely used chemical acrylamide monomer PAM

acrylamide monome rpolyacrylamide 1.High molecular weight 2.Easy to dissolve 3.low cost, competitive price 4.Free sample

premium grade polyacrylamide flocculant PAM

applied to a variety of conditions,small dose,high purity and efficiency,less sludge generated ,easy post-processing.

White Granule Anionic PAM

1)Easy to dissolve2)High efficiency3)reasonal Price, best quality

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Water treatment chemical PAM

PAM 1.Easy to dissolve 2. High efficiency 3.low price and high quality. 4.Small corrosion

pam/polyacrylamide price

1.pam/polyacrylamide price. 2.easy water-soluble. 3.from factory with the high quality. 4.sample is free.

Emulsion Cationic PAM

Appearance:emulsion water-soluble, linear polymer organic polymer Easy to moisture absorption, high hydrophilic

Sewage treatment flocculant PAM

Cationic polymer /Polyacrylamide PAM 1 High molecular weight 2.Best Price,first quality... 3. Easy to dissolve

polyacrylamide PAM

polyacrylamide pam 1.High molecualr weight 2.Easy to dissolve 3.Low cost, competitive price 4. Free sample


PAM: It is water-soluble macromolecule polymer, nonpoisonous, tasteless, moisture-absorbing, and easy to dissolve in water

easy semi washing machine

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polyacrylamide pam for waste water treatment

1. polyacrylamide pam 2. Easy to dissolve time 40min. 3.Used paper,sludge,textile,.. 4. High molecular weight

Anionic flocculant polyacrylamide,cheap PAM used for water treatment,polyacrylamide(PAM)

1. No color, no taste, no toxic 2. CPAM /APAM /HCPAM /NPAM 3. Easy to dissolve, fast dissolve in water


Water-soluble polymers, insoluble in most organic solvents, good flocculation resistance.

polyacrylamide pam---factory price with excellent quality

polyacrylamide pam 1.High molecualr weight 2.Easy to dissolve 3.Low cost, competitive price 4. Free sample


K53050 PAM FOR FUJI 1.accurate work 2.make the process easy 3.high-efficient service

Hot sell water treatment pam

SRO water treatment 1.high effective save 3.PLC control easy to operate 4.produce continuely